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Birds are widely available in the world, and many people keep them as pets. They also love to find the perfect names for birds. There are many popular bird pets, doves, sparrows, eagles, owls. but, the most popular companions are parrots and pigeons:- Provide good company to humans. Get inspired by these bird related names.

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10 Useful Bird names list:

Bird Names
Feather Tootsie


Unique Bird Names with Cool Meanings


Male Bird Names

Boogie One of the best bluebird name means the style of blues.

Beanie A unisex small bird name meaning “the small hat that fits closely to the head”

Butter The best name for white bird means Milky fatty Cream

Chipper Cheerful and lively

Chatter One of the most appealing for fast-talking birds.

Captain The person in command

Chirp A short 5 letter bird name means high, happy voice

Chive A charming choice if you want to move beyond rose blossom this name is good meaning the small plant with purple-pink flower

Dinky A cool name means attractive, small, and cute

Dancer This name is especially for a bird who dances for fun

Diablo A Spanish word means “devil”

Draco From Latin word means dragon

Dotty The name refers to Crazy or eccentric

Dodo A flightless bird

Electra This supercharge name is a compound of gold and silver,

Feather A symbol that signifies strength and connection

Fiji A choice for waterbird name meaning beautiful island

Flyer A frequent flying bird

Fern A good 4 letter green bird name meaning green plant which has a feather

Flip Flop The sound or motion of flapping

Finnigan In Irish meaning fair

Fawkes A norman french origin meaning Falcon

Giggsy Common nickname

Giggle Silly laughing in a nervous manner

Gossiper Talking eagerly and casually about others

Honey A good 5 letter orange bird name meaning sweet collected from flowers

Hootie This nickname can be us as a common bird name

Hobnob Mix with higher social status

Jeeves A butler of model behavior

Lemon A yellow bird name meaning citrus fruit  

Mojo Means good luck

Mango A fruity name meaning fleshy yellow sweet

Pappagallo A beautiful 10 letter bird name means Parrot.

Penny A coin with the color of copper

Papaya A large oval fruit

Pretzel A crispy sweet

Repeater A bird that repeats something

Rumple wrinkle

Sponge A name for a lovely bird that frequently rubs

Shiver A excited bird who shake slightly

Screech A bird that has a loud voice.

Sammy A Arabic name meaning listens well

Shadow A dark surface good name for a grey bird.

Sterling Very good in quality

Spike A thin piece of metal, wood, or other material

Sparky relates to animated

Tuku A fairy chief

Talon A claw belonging to a bird of prey

Winger A bird that has a great position of wings.

Whistler A bird who whistles


Female Bird Names

Annie Or you could go with this means “Gracious, Merciful”.

Alexa For your angry bird “Defender of the people”.

Banshee A nice name is “woman of the fairy mound or fairy woman”.

Buffy is a lovely name for any type of bird.

Blondie A great name for a shiny feather bird is “blond-haired woman”.

Bluebell This is for bluebird meaning “gratitude”.

Blaze For a red yellow or orange bird “Burning bright”.

Becky This name belongs to white-haired women a good choice as a white bird name meaning “captivating”.

Bonita If your bird is female, you may want to use it, meaning pretty, cute.

Billie Why not to choose a strong name meaning “Determination”

Crystal This 7 letter bird name that starts with c means “brilliant coloring”.

Dale Try this name if your bird talks so many words and expressions.

Diva It’s a special feature name for a singing bird that means “Successful female singer”.

Fiona Good name for a duck, but can be used for any white bird meaning “white fair”.

Flora A beautiful 5 letter bird name means flower.

Fairy is a cute bird name for your sweet bird.

Flammy A good orange bird name meaning composed of flame.

Grumpy Use this one if you have a Moodily cross bird.

Ginny A likable name meaning Pure or caring

Goblin If you have a scary bird use this fantasy bird name “grotesque sprite”

Isis This female bird name can be used for any bird.

Jilly For a young bird who is all about herself meaning “Youthful”.

Kenzie You could pick this meaning “The fair one”.

Luna You could give your white bird a Spanish name that means “Moon”

Lindy As a female name, beautiful, pretty, sweet.

Leia This cutesy name meaning Weary and Mistress.

Lime You may like this one for green birds.

Minnie This name is a great choice for the flamingo bird “Of the Sea”.

Mirabelle You may want to pick this one as a beautiful female bird name meaning “Wondrous”.

Onnie Use this one if you have a soft bird meaning lamb.

Pear A short yellow bird name meaning a yellowish-brownish fruit.

Pinki  A sweet precious pink bird name.

Pandora If you have a first bird choose this one “the first woman”.

Plucky This is for a happy bird meaning “Spirited brave”.

Polly A choice for brave bird meaning “Great Sorrow”.

Queen A bird who reflects royalty.

Reba  A cute 4 letter celebrity bird name.

Rosemary A great choice for sea bird name “dew of the sea”

Rosa A beautiful 4 letter bird name that starts with r meaning “rose”

Roxy This name is good for smaller birds.

Rossy A good red bird name.

Stella This name is best for those birds who have a crest meaning “Star”.

Starlight Use this for blue or white bird means “A light that shows from the star”.

Stone This is another cute choice for the shiny bird “hard solid piece”.

Swan Literal name grace, beauty, love, trust.

Soapy A cute name for a small bird meaning “smooth and slippery”.

Starling A common purple bird name meaning “chunky”.

Stilts This is a nice long-legged bird name like flamingo meaning two poles strap for feet.

Trixie Why not express your bird by using this name? “Bringer of Joy”.

Vanna This is a nice name “God’s gift”.


Girl Names for Birds

Bella Choose greek bird name means beautiful.

Birdie A child girl name for a bird.

Babydoll A doll designed to look like a baby

Bitty Give this name to lovebird or budgies birds“tiny”.

Coco You might like this beautiful bird girl name means “always love others”.

Cuddle Use this name if you love to cuddle your bird.

Cookie You could try this “a small sweet cake”.

Doll Why not choose a cute name? “a small model of beauty”.

Diamond For a sweet, colorful bird.

Flossie A name for girl baby In English origin Flourishing.

Floret  Another cute bird name means “small flower”

Grosbeak A pink bird name with bright color.

Isabella Pick the one for girl bird meaning God Is My Oath

Nova A cute name for girl baby bird “A newly visible star”.

Pretty This name can be used for birds as pretty.

Pebbles Sweet bird name starting with p means small stone

Priscilla Nicest girl name meaning Ancient

Sweetie A very pleasant name for a cool bird.

Tootsie is always a cute name meaning Dear Sweetheart.

Zinnia A pretty bird name can be used for multi colors bird means “A to Z flowers”.

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Coolest Bird Names

Angel A cool bird name that starts with a, means beautiful

Bolt You can use this if your bird is speedy means “a lightning stroke”.

Buddy For a bird who is a close friend.

Banjo A bird who always chirping which means “a stringed musical instrument with long neck”.

Bubble For a cute small bird that could be white meaning “a tiny sphere”.

Beaker You might expect this, pretty bird name for a larger beak. Means a large drinking cup.

Cheapskate Use this one if your bird is cheap.

Cupid is a nice classical name meaning passionate.

Cheeky Good for green birds like parrots whose voice is bold, brash and a bit rude.

Cuckoo You can use this for a medium-sized long-tailed bird.

Dino A nice choice of combining the feature form meaning “terrifying, frightful,

Jojo is A good name if your bird is born on Monday.

Maggie A good choice for soft birds “Pearl”

Melody is Good for birds that have a sequence of tweety sound.

Nibble How cute this name is if your bird takes small bites.

Poochy A nicer voice or way to call

Pikachu For birds whose feathers look sparkle or glitter.

Pocket This name for a small bird means a small bag.

Pixie A good name for white finch bird means “small fairy”.

Pilot To Describe the flying feature if your bird controls flying well for the young bird.

Quack This is a great character name as a cry of a duck.

Ringo You can choose this Japanese bird name for ringneck parrot means Apple

Snoop This cutesy name can be used if your bird is clumsy means “secretly try to get information”.

Spring this name referred to as hummingbird means jump suddenly upward

Sprout a small plant bud that resembles a cute baby bird.

Sparkle Another charming name means to shine brightly with flashes.

Singer For a bird who sings.

Shortie For a small size bird.

Triscuit A good choice for a noisy bird named crackers.

Wiggle You can use this name for a bird who moves side to side with small rapid movements.

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