Black Cat Names: (315+ ideas with Meanings) 2024


The reason to choose the black cat names; many people like their cats as panthers or cheetah and they want to get a good name, When looking for inspiration the fur color or eye color your feline friend can be a nice way to match a touch. 

Here’s a complete list that may inspire you.

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Male Black Cat Names

Smokey – The word has great meaning as “The soul of the fire”.

Shadow – It means ” Shade from Sun”.

Dubh – A cute small name means “Black Haired”.

Ziggy – The very pretty name means ” Victory”.

Midnight – A name has a great meaning “Black Night”.

Dillon – This name is associated with Welsh origin and it means “Born from the Ocean”.

Fergal – The meaning of this nickname is ” Valorous”.

Raven – A name gives a sweet meaning “Wise”.

Batman Means “A Friend”.

Crow – A famous name has a fine meaning ” They had Dark Haired”.

Ninja – Great name means “Little girl”.

Pixel – You get a nice meaning ” A display Screen”.

Felix – A Latin origin name which means “Happy”.

Mau – A cute short name means “Bad”.

Abydos It comes from Greek names and it means ” An ancient town”.

Giniro An amazing name means “Silver”.

Storm Powerful’s name has a decent meaning ” Tempest”.

Dusk A lovely name means “Between day and night”.

Lapis’ cute name has a meaning of ” Azure Blue Stone”.

Rex A little name means “King”.

Spock Sweet name which means ” Maker of Wheels”.

Tom Famous name means “Innocence”.

Grace A well-known name means ” Gracious”.

Juliet Means “Youthful”.

Arnie This name is of an English origin which means ” Eagle Power “.

Carter A name was chosen from an Irish and it means “Son of”.

Baron This name refers to the meaning of life of nobility.

George It is originally a Greek name meaning ” Farmer”.

Crimson This name gives an attractive meaning “Dark Red Color”.

Dante This name is associated with Latin origin which means ” Everlasting”.

Ryan Beautiful’s name has a meaning “Unknown”.

Toby A sweet little name means “Tobias”.

Patrick This name prefers the Latin name means “King”

Liam A Germanic name means “Helmet of will”.

Bon  Pretty name means “Benefactor”.

Beetle Decent name means ” Little biter”.

Eddie It comes from English names and it means “Wealthy Guardian”.

Basil Very precious name means “Brave”.

Andy Means “Man like”.

Jimmy A lovable name means “Supplanted”.

Mason The meaning of this nickname is “One who works with Stone”.

Jet A brilliant little name means ” Black Gemstone”.

Willow In English names it means “Graceful”.

Viola A name is an Italian origin which means “Violet”.

Sooty Means “Fire of Sootycoal”.

Cara This name is an eligible meaning “Beloved”.

Lian This name shows a sweet meaning ” Warrior”.

Pocus This name is defined as playing tricks on.

Charm An English name means “Delight”.

Pushti means ” Prosperity”.

Female Black Cat Names

Female Black Cat names

Gorm A name is a great meaning “Alert”.

Conan – Means ” Little Wolf”.

Orlagh – A Celtic origin which means “Golden Princess”.

Inky – A pretty little name means ” Detailed”.

Backie – The meaning of this name is “A ride back someone’s bike.

Nile A cute name means ” Champion”.

Rory A Goidelic origin means “Red-haired”.

Haru This name is selected from Korean and it means “Day”.

Riley – This name gives a brilliant meaning “Valiant”.

Nero A little nice nickname is of Sabine origin and means “vigorous”,

Licorice – Means “Sweet Root”.

Oreo – A sweet name means “Gold”.

Mia – This name is associated with Italian word which means “Dear”.

Minnie  The meaning of this name is “Of the Sea”.

Misty – A name is of an American origin which means “Dew”.

Dottie – Pretty’s name means “Gift of God”.

Cici A latin origin name means “Blind”.

 Betsy Cute’s name which means “God is my Oath”.

Dinah A well-known name gives a decent meaning “Judged”.

Emily This name shows a great meaning “Rival”.

Mystic A popular name comes from the U.S means ” Secret”.

Kiki  A short-form name means “New Life”.

Penny Pretty’s name means ” Weaver”.

Freda  This name has a delighted meaning “Peace”.

Kettle – The very pretty name for your pet at home that means “Sacrificial”.

Noir   A name especially used from French means “Black”.

Plum   Nice nickname means ” Tree”.  

Gina   – A name gives a great meaning “Queen”.

Pluto   Means “Roman God Of The Underworld”.

Sona   A name gives a great meaning “Gold”. 

Pocock – This name is specially used for a “Proudy Person”.

Bean  This is an English origin name meaning ” Farmer”.

Opal Very precious cute name means “Jewel”.

Ally  A nice surname means “Friend”.

Dora  A fine name means “Gift”.

Fiona Means “White”.

Frankie  An American origin name means ” Truthful”.

Gypsy Means “Wanderer”.

Gigi – A Sweet surname comes from French and means “God is Gracious”.

Holly Famous name gives a cute meaning ” Glossy”.

Isis Greek form name means “Seat”.

Tony Means “Triumphant “.

Sally  A name has a very good meaning, ” Princess”.

Trixi  A Latin origin name means “Voyager”.

Lilly  Means “Lily flower”.

Lila The meaning of this nickname is “Beauty”.

Sam A lovable nickname means “God heard”.

Dolly  A beautiful name means “Gift of God”. 

Gem The meaning of this cute name is “Jewel”.

Jazzy Means “Modern”.

Good Black Cat Names

Good Black Cat

Ace  A cute name which means ” One or Expert”.

 Bart – This name shows a sweet meaning “Son of Tolmai”.

Ashton – A name that comes from English origin which means ” Ash tree town”.

Betty – The meaning of this nickname “God is my oath”.

Coolio – Meaning ” Awesome”.

Devil – Famous name gives the great meaning “Oppose”.

Blanche – This name means ” White”.

Moon – A lovable name means “Beautiful”.

Eerie – You will get a sweet meaning ” Gravel-banked stream”.

Salem – A Hebrew name means “Peace”.

Bram – This name is of an English origin which means ” Father of Multitude “.

Coal – Means ” Black”.

Onyx – The meaning of this nickname is “Black Gemstones”.

Ebony – This name is selected from Greek origin which means “Blackwood”

Cujo – Nice surname means “

Jason – A Greek name which means “Healer”.

Mystery – Means “Unexplained”.

Morticia – A big name which means ” Undertaker”.

Java – An American name means “Island”.

Pug – It means ” A balled-up fist” and it is of a Latin origin. 

Vader – A name gives a great meaning “Father”.

Smart – This cool name means “Quick”.

Snick – It comes from Greek origin and it means” Victory of the People”

Binx – A cute little name gives a meaning “Gift of God”.

Lucifer – Latin name means ” Morning Star”.

Rogue – The meaning of this name is “Dishonest”.

Domino – Sweet surname which means “Lord”.

Bulla – An amazing name means “Bubble”.

Elvira – Spanish origin name means ” Foreign and True”. 

Jass – Means “Independent”.

Spooks – This name gives a unique meaning “”.”Something scary”.

Figaro  A name prefers the meaning of “Son of Caron”.

Hex The smallest nice surname means”Hedge”.

Monty A special name has a sweet meaning”Manpower”.

Dexter It represents a decent meaning “Dyer”.

Buffy Very famous name delivered a cute meaning”Family Affairs”.

Tallulah Pretty name means “Leaping Water”.

Poppy Brilliant name which means “Red flower”.

Bluebell  A well-known name means “Flower”.

Mitsy  This name is of an Italian origin that means “Gift of God”.

Tinkerbell  A name is used as an actual tinker.

Oscar  This name gives a very beautiful meaning”Friend deer”.

Milo – The nice surname is of an English origin and it means “Soldiers”.

Meeko This name is selected from Algonquian origin means ” Little mischief”.

Frodo  Means “Wise by Experience”.

Kitty From Greek origin, this name is meant by “Pure”.

Bagheera  You will get a brave meaning “Tiger”.

Hermione  A name has been chosen from Greek origin which means “Wellborn”.

Potter It comes from English origin that means “Pot maker”.

Misto This name means “God’s man”.

Cool Black Cat Names

Cool Black Cat names

Jones A Welsh name means ” Son of loan”.

Bock Germanic name means “He-goat”.

Tora A Japanese name which means “Tiger”.

Tic Tac This name is introduced by Ferrero means “Refreshing mints”.

Catatonic A name gives the meaning of Catatonia.

Cola The lovable name means “black featured”.

Fur-rank This name refers to the meaning of “Powerful built man”.

Purvi  A name is associated with the meaning of “the East.”

Stray The name means “Loves to adventure” from New York.

Balaj Pretty name which means “Glitter”.

Blot – The nice nickname means “To soak up”.

Caramel In Hebrew Names the meaning of this name is “Garden or Vinyard”.

Daisy  The name comes from Old English, meaning “day’s eye”.

Dirt A very unique Celtic origin name which means “Darling”. 

Eclipse Means “Strength” and originates from Native American Origin. 

Gina The name is of Italian origin and means “Queen”. 

Halo – Means “Divine Aura” and is of Greek origin. 

Bonnie – This name comes from the Scots language meaning “pretty”.

Amulet – A name is used for “an object that protects a person from trouble”

Goe – This name is of an American origin and meaning “Farmer Or Location”.

Blair  – A name is derived from the Scottish and the meaning “plain”.

Circe – Means “Greek Goddess”.

Endora  – Greek name which means “Light”.

Micky – In Hebrew names means “Gift from God”

Panda – Means “Hope”.

Halloween Black Cat Names

Pirate – The name is of an English origin and means “Robber Of The Sea”. 

Trotsky – A name literally means “of Troki”.

Warlock – The name is of an English origin meaning “a covenant”.

Rosemary Its name means Herb and favored an English origin.

Tootsie This name is still great and the meaning in English origin is “A young lady or girl”.

Snickers – Your new kitty will bring full happiness because it gives a “Caramel” meaning.

Skittles – Means “Beloved By All” and is of American origin.

Chucky – Germanic meaning: Freeman

Cujo – A name is favored by a Stephen King which means “Rabid Dog”.

Fright This is greatly perfect for your cat means “Something Strange”.

Goblin – This name is usually mischievous and sometimes malicious. 

Dracula – A name is known as the Order of the Dragon and meaning “son of Dracul,”

Cauldron – Meaning “A large kettle or boiler”.

Casper – Derived from Chaldean and meaning “Treasurer”.

Grimm – This name is selected from a Germanic personal name from Grima “mask”.

Merlin – A name preferred by the Welsh origin, and the meaning of this name is “Sea Fortress”.

Spencer – A given name is of British origin, that means “steward”.

Toil – Pretty name for your kitty which means “to engage in hard and continuous work”.

Wicked – You can get a decent meaning “slightly bad” but this name is in an attractive way.

Potion – A name’s meaning is usually made by some magical properties such as A love potion.

Omen – A Hebrew name and means “faithful”.

Wizard – The name is a submission of the UK and means “Gift of God”.

Iris – Meaning “rainbow”.

Kit – An amazing name especially used for your kitty and means ‘Christian follower of Christ’.

Luke – Means “the bright one”.

Witchy Black Cat Names

Witchy Black cat

Carrie  – It comes from the Old English ceorl, meaning “free man”.

Magic  – This name represents an American origin and the Meaning is “Full Of Wonder”.

Hermione   – A cute Greek name and the meaning of this name is “Wellborn”.

Diesel – The name means “Diminutive Form Of Matthias” and is of German origin

Bolt – A created name from the English word means “lock”.

Gothic – Generally a name is of Greek Drosos, meaning “strong one”. 

Jaguar – The name is especially considered for your pet means “Large Spotted Feline”.

Nocturne – You will get full of enjoying and is usually a musical composition which means “ 

Pounce – This name’s meaning as a bird does in seizing its prey. 

Rebel – Means “Defiant Person” and is of English origin.

Sable – It is of a Slavic origin and the meaning is “black”.

Stallion – An interesting surname is derived from the old French Estalon and this name is applied to a person who was “A begetter”.

Tindra – The Swedish origin that means “To twinkle”.

Glinda – Cute kitty name is of English origin and it means “Pretty”.

Hilda – This name is derived from the name Hild means”Battle”.

Lilith – Lovable name It is usually translated as “Night Monster.” 

Nyx – A name’s meaning stood “Near the Beginning of Creation”.

Pluto  – Means “Roman God Of The Underworld” and is of Latin origin.

Sina – The meaning of this nice surname is “treasure”.

Sukie – Very pretty name and it means “a Lily”.

Tilly – A name is a Germanic name, meaning “strength in battle”.

Zelda – Very beautiful nickname may originally have meant “Dark Battle”.

Aje – The name is of Yoruba origin and it means “Profit”.

Boni – A Latin name which means “Fortunate”.

Dab – This name gives you pleasure and it means “Servant of God”.

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Cute Black Cat Names

Cute Black Cat names

Chewie – An American origin name which means “Likes a Chew”.

Koko – The nice nickname means “Stork” and is of Japanese origin.

Emiko – A very pretty name that means “Blessed”.

Tux – A short form of tuxedo means “A cuddly cartoon penguin”.

Alakazam – A name that can be used as an invocation of magical power.

Batman – A nice surname of English origin and means “A Friend”.

Blackie –  A nickname preferred to the persons who have dark eyes.

Ninja –  The well-known name derived from the old Greek name means “Flowery”.

Tarmac –  A specific name used for paving material that’s commonly used on the roads. 

Santana – Means “Follower Of St. Anna” and this name is of Spanish origin 

Obsidian – This name is usually a type of volcanic glass that cools very quickly”.

Blanche – The meaning of this name is “White”.

Aretha  – This name is of an American origin which means “Excellence”. 

Rihanna  – An interesting well-known name that means “Great Queen”.

Cole  – A Spanish variation means “Young green shoot”.

Pluto – It comes from an Italian origin meaning “Roman God of the Underworld”.

Carrie – A Germanic name which means “free man”.

Twilight – Means “Dusk” and is of English origin.  

Zorro – It means “Sly, Fox” and is of Spanish origin.

Dang – In Vietnamese names, the meaning of this name is: Valuable.

Bullet – The meaning of this nickname is “teacher, builder”. 

A name is of Hebrew origin 

Roadster – A name used to describe a horse suitable for traveling.

Vanish – In English names, it gives a better meaning “Love”.

Shock –  Brilliant descriptive nickname means “whose hair stood up on end”

Anise – Originated by English origin which means “Spice”. 

Godiva – This name is of English origin and means “God’s Gift”.

Sesame – It means “A widely cultivated chiefly tropical”

Enigma – Means “Something or someone that is puzzling or a riddle”. 

Merlin –  The name originated by Welsh origin, and the meaning is “Sea Fortress”.

Badass Black Cat Names

Kona – It is a beautiful name for a badass black cat, meaning  “origin” and the world rule”.  

Phantom – A name has a brilliant meaning “An image that appears in the mind only ”.

Ammo – A Christian name and meaning are “Dearly loved”.

Jedi – In Hebrew name it means “Beloved God”.

Turbo – A name is a Latin origin which means “Spanning object”.

Darla – This name is associated with the English names and gives the meaning of “Dear”.

Reece – A name provides a great meaning “Passion”.

Zapora – This name is selected from Hebrew origin which means “Bird”.

Ogre –The name is of French origin means “Who fed on human flesh”.

Crank – A beautiful nickname used for cheerful pets.

Shorty – An American slang used for an attractive woman.

Mauler – Cute nickname means ‘to complain’, ‘to be angry’.

Tornado – A Spanish origin name is meant by “whirlwind”.

Roach – Brilliant topographic name especially used for those who lived by a rocky crag. 

Jaws – A well-known word which means “the mouth, including the teeth”.

Fender – The meaning of this nickname is “variant of Fendler”.

Ursula  Means “Bear” that comes from the Latin Ursa.

Satan –  A nickname originated by Hebrew names and gives the generic meaning “accuser”.

Ferrari – These surnames are mostly used in Italy, which means “blacksmith”.

Khan – An Indian name means “Ruler”.

Croft – This name is specially used for someone who lived by an arable enclosure.

Grendel – In Anglo-Saxon names, the meaning of this nickname is “Legend”.

Kacela – An American category that means “Hunter”.

Scully – It is an Irish surname meaning “Scholar”.

Damien  – Means “Powerful man of the people”.

Pablo  – A Spanish variant means “Small”.

Ebony – From an English origin it means “Blackwood”.

Bandit – A name provides a fine meaning “Thief”.

Emerald – Cute name meaning is “Precious Gemstone”.

Omen – A Hebrew name means “Faithful”.

Girl Black Cat Names

Black cat names for a girl

Drake – A given cat name for a girl is of English origin meaning “Dragon”.

Madea – The name has been used in the American south meaning “mother dear”.

Whitney – An original name is derived from a place meaning “white island” in Old English.

Frosty – Meaning “one who is cool and crisp”.

Chase – A nickname used for an exceptionally skilled huntsman.

Velvet – The name is of American origin means “Soft Fabric”.

Coraline – This name is selected from an American word meaning “Heart”.

Ranger – It comes from an English origin meaning “Forest Protector”.

Cathay – A name is derived from Latin and means “Pure”.

Damien – Means “powerful man of the people”.

Mustang – This name has been chosen from Oxford English which means “Wild”.

Rebel – It is of English origin means “Defiant Person”. 

Spy – A short-form name means “Securely Protect Yourself”.

Cauldron – The meaning of this name is “a large kettle”. 

Coven – Means “At the huts”.

Eerie – An ancient Norman origin cat name for a girl means “Gravel-Banked stream”.

Cobweb – Lovable name which means “Spider”.

Grimm – A Germanic name derived from the word drama means “Mask”.

Jennifer – This name is of an English origin and means “White waved”.

Stray – Means “Loves to adventure”.

Licorice – Old French name means “Sweet Root”.

Sylvester – A great name has a fine meaning “Woodland”.

Wayne – The meaning of this nickname is “Wagon Driver”.

Mittens – Means “Diminutive form of Milton”.

Espresso – A lovely name gives a decent meaning “Express”.

Kismet – The bright name means “Division”.

Jiji – A small name gives the “Possessive” meaning.

Astral – This name is derived from Latin means “Kind”.

Bonfire – A name is associated with Middle English that means “A fire for burning bones”.

Raven – Means “Dark-haired”.


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