Blue Bird Names (Top 279+ Ideas with meaning) 2024

blue bird names

Blue Bird names! Do you have a bluebird? and don’t know what name will be a good match for your pet. Here is a complete name list for all bird species whose color is blue.

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10 Best Blue Bird Names List

Blue Bird Names

Complete List of Blue Bird names

Jonas The best name with Hebrew version means Dove

Bluebell This name is associated with love.

Aqua A short good name means the light blue color

Ocean A large expanse of sea

Bluefire This name is cute gives the meaning of a Blue light

Falcon Symbolic name king of birds.

Bluewing Specialized name for the blue wings

Skye Simply means sky

Jazz A type of music

Drizzle Clear falling drops in the rain

Crystal  A shiny stone

Blueberry A plant of sweet blue blackberry.

Oakley Means blue sapphire

Viorel The sweet violet flower

Bluesette A name of the song

Neelu The meaning Diamond

Nilam Blue precious stone

Sapphire This word from the Greek meaning “blue color”

Juggy A popular boy/male name

Larmina One of the most appealing Blue sky

blue bird names

Bleu Derived from the name of Blue

Celia A short 5 letter name means blind

Lana A little rock

Pearl A shiny blue stone

Bloom Aa little flower

Nahla First drink of water

Sedna Goddess of the sea

Alon A symbol that indicates the strong oak tree

Bellus This nickname can be used as Pretty excellent charming

Coburn A stream

Brishon Bright and neat

Lir meaning Sea

Solomon Peaceful one

Swift Quickly or Promptly

Bluestar A star of the special color of blue

Azure Bright blue color like sky

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Wet Covered with water

Pipsqueak Smart or little

Hanno Gift from god

BlueFurry means covered with blue fur.

Cliff Try this cute name “at the edge of the sea”

Galia Wave of God

Dipsy Beautiful smart

Kai Unisex name means Sea

Daria Means “Sea”

Dune A sand of the sea

Seatide High water neap of sea

Isla Name derived from the island

Kent Means high


Morgan Sea chief

Rock The solid blue mineral

Ronan Little seal

Seaton Town by the sea

Stone A solid stunning substance

Summer The good bird name means the warmest season

River A large stream of water

Wave A long body of water


Bettyblue Taken from the movie name

Delphi A cute blue bird name from dolphin

Butterfly Representation of colors

Brunnera Blue flowers in spring

Glory Great beauty

MistyBlue Full of covered with the color blue

Flax A blue-flowered herbaceous plant

Bluebeak A beak of bluebird

BlueCrown A beautiful ornament on the head

Coolblue A feeling of blue

Maree drop of the sea

Cyan A greenish-blue color

Indigo A rich color to the color of blue

Lake A large body of water

Navy A dark blue color

Royal blue for royalty

Sema means sky

Turquoise Sea greenstone

Zeru a boy name origin sky

Merton name from places lake, pool

Shadow a dark shadow


We’ve shared all the blue bird names, Hope so you enjoy this article and now you can choose the best name for your bird.

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