Cow Names: (461+ Ideas with Meanings) 2024


Cows and Bulls are part of the dairy. And the farmer loves their animals like a family. While interacting with them; Cow names can help to differentiate in your farm or when it’s eating outside. You might find that you have more than one cow name so that you can apply it to all your cattle one by one. Names like Tom, Hot chocolate, Lucy, and Nelly your cow will associate with them.

It doesn’t matter what name your cow has – it must be friendly, memorable, and unique. Once a cow will have a name it can be kept for generations. This can be good news for your livestock too,

We’ll help you to get some cute and funny names for your cows.

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Female Cow Names

female cow names

Bella – Short version of ‘Annabella’ and ‘Isabella’

Daisy – A lovely girl cow name from a daisy flower

Delilah – A Hebrew name meaning ‘Delicate

Eliza – A developed as a pet form of ‘Elizabeth’

Ella – English meaning ‘Fairy Maiden

Fenella – Meaning White-shouldered

FloraDerived from the Latin word for ‘flower’

Greta – A short form of Margarethe (a pearl)

Hannah – A feminine meaning “favor” or “grace”

Lily A adorable name for “pure”, “passion”

PinkyA name pinky means “cute” just for a pink cow

Julia  Latinate feminine form of the name “Julio and Julius”

Ida Germanic word id, meaning “labor, work”.

Roxanna It can also be “Roxy” meaning Dawn; Bright.

Minnie is a girl cow name taken from Minnie Pearl

Darla meaning of the name Darla is Darling

Josie – is taken from Joseph, meaning  “God will increase.”

Janie – greek meaning “well-born, noble”

Elsie – A pet form of “Elizabeth”

Leitte – Literally means ‘milk’

Myla  meaning is “soldier and merciful”.  

Martha – A biblical word meaning “provoking”.

Melanie   this word can be seen as graceful meaning “dark or honey”.

Jewel –  It is a precious name with a brilliant meaning “Precious Stone”.

Asya   The name Asya is a Hebrew name meaning “grace or expression”.

Molly  It is a short word with a big meaning “bitter”.

Joan With a beautiful nickname for a female cow that means “God is Gracious”

Nellie This name shows a brightness of the light

Annie This word has a better meaning “merciful”

Enid meaning gives a purity of soul.

Petal A fragrance with a flower

Sophie – A Greek word with a great meaning “wisdom”.

Dixie – Tenth or Abbreviation of Richard

MurielWith a popular meaning the sea and bright 

Maya – A Princess.

Big Mama A literal English word meaning the head of a family.

Amrita – Meaning is Immortality

Minx – This name is good for a young cow.

Nova The newness or creation of a star

Morticia Derived from the Latin word Mortis

Angel Beautiful word “The messenger of God”

Bianca Italian name and the cute word which means shining or white.

Luna – This name shows a great beauty that comes straight from the heavens.

Puff  A personal name of a pet sharing a decent meaning aggressive person

Dotty The smallest name that is better for calling and meaning “a gift of god”

Lilit Meaning is lily and this name also represents an evil night spirit.

Alice – Meaning “noble, exalted”.

Iris – Cute name which means “Rainbow”

Ophelia – It is a fictional character name and its meaning is a helper.

Buttercup – Humble Yellow wild Flower

Male Cow Names

male cow names

Mufasa – A male cow meaning “King”

Bossy – For a cow who rules the roost!

Zack – A Hebrew name meaning is “laughter”.

Vera – A Town in Italy, suit for all kinds of cows!

Bob – Use both Cow & Bulls

Sampson – A Strong Bull

Vernon – Famous real-life named meaning is the place of alders.

Leroy – A name display an accessible personality with a big meaning “King”

Joy – A virtue name gives great happiness or a big delight.

Domino – Meaning is Lord.

Bruno – This name derived from the old high german meaning “Brown”.

Sampson    This interesting name derived from Hebrew and the meaning is Sun.

Amon A biblical name meaning refers to faithful or true.

Kristof This name comes from the Greek Christophoros and it means a bearing christ.

Homer  A powerful name meaning is security.

Tank – For Muscular Bulls

Benjamin The name meaning appears as “Son of my right hand”.

Antoine – This name has a great Meaning Highly praiseworthy or priceless.

Jacques Meaning is Supplanter.

Orville A nice name for calling with amazing meaning Golden city.

Thomas Aramaic name meaning is “twin” and “leader”.

Dracula With a horrible meaning Dragon.

Redford Meaning is “From the reedy ford”

Augustine A Latin word that means great or venerable.

Charlie It is better for a nickname with a “free man” meaning.

Murphy The name has a decent meaning “Descendant Of Sea Warrior”.

Gus This name’s meaning is “great”.

Archie This name is associated with archers and it means brave or bold.

Dexter This name coincides with a Latin word meaning “Favorable or right-handed”

Ozzy It can be a nice nickname and its meaning is divine power.

Wagner A Germanic surname that means A maker or driver of wagons.

Quasimodo Means “like just-born infants”.

Quincy An old French origin and it means “estate of the fifth son”

Alfred The meaning of this name is “Sage or wise”

Socrates A Greek word meaning is a “Whole Rule”.

Xerxes This name also refers to a Greek origin with a nice meaning Rules Over Heroes.

Abe A cute Hebrew name meaning “ father of a multitude”.

Albert – The name shows a noble and bright meaning.

BaconA Germanic origin and meaning “to fight”.

Boone A French and Latin word means good.

Bubba – the meaning of this name is “someone who is a brother or a close friend”.

Corky – A nice nickname with a meaning of hill hollow.

Gilbert – it means a bright pledge.

Hobb A cute name shows love or affection.

Johnny – the meaning of this name is God is gracious.

Joseph It means God Will Increase and is of Hebrew origin.

Levi  A caring name shows “attached and joining”

Luther a powerful name meaning is “army”

Micky A small name meaning is God of Gift.

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Baby Cow Names

Candy – A sweet choice for the most adorable cow!

Dixie – Cute for a cheeky cow!

Georgette – A cute and classic French name

Stella Latin Translate from ‘star’

Muffin – A cute cow name

Mud Pie Suitable for brown-colored cows

Della – German meaning ‘bright’ and ‘noble’

Margie – A short form of Margaret

Bambi – A Pretty name for cow baby boy

Cookie – A cute sweet biscuit

Moomin – A comic character

Twiki – This name derived from “Twinkle”

Honeybun – As a meaning of dear or darling

Brownie – A best friend/Gift of God

Toffee – Sugar or Sweet name for a baby cow

Fatty Pie – For a Healthy overweight

Bud – Short for Buddy or brother. 

Muffin – Means My Love

Chewy – A strong name personality, 

Jimbo – Variant of James as a baby boy name 

Missy – A greek baby name is “Bee”

Betty – A Hebrew girl baby cow name “Pledged to God” 

Frankie – Can use for both genders “Free Or Truthful

Benny means Son Of My Right Hand.

Josh – A Biblical given name

Mia – A personification of spirit and force

Toto – Toto derived from total a complete part of the family

Moon – A unique nickname  by astronomy

Nina – The name of Favor, grace.

Dolly – A Gift of God.

Kerry – Kerry suitable for dark color.

Ezra Hebrew name which means help or helper

Diamond – A clear colorless precious stone

Feather A name for innocent cow baby 

Bumble – Taken from “buzzing of the bees”

Pat – A short form of  Patrician, “noble”

Moo The lowing of a cow

Diablo – A Spanish word meaning “Devil”.

Mocha – Means ‘chocolate-coffee flavor’

Fawn – The name of Young Deer.

BooBoo – Do feel self-assurance and stability.

Bruna – A female name for brown color.

Hetty – Name for insiders, meaning Home Ruler.

Zappy A song that makes people enjoy and get up to dance

Creamie – Is the word for a lazy baby cow. “Known to sleep”

Libby – A feminine name meaning “my heart”.

Mina German origin meaning “love”

Nellie – Name for brightness

Moose – Sweet name “Beautiful on the inside”

Logan A Scottish surname which means “Little hollow”.

Punny Cow Names

punny cow

Franklin – This name comes from Frekeleyn and it means “Free Landowner”.

Patty – A name derived from Latin and it means “Noble”

Aldrin – The meaning of this cute name is “Old and wise ruler”.

Armiger – A Latin word and it means “bearer of arms”.

Paige – A name associated with Greek word which means “Helper”.

Amanda – A Latin word that means “Worthy of love”. 

Russ – A cute name means “Red”.

Diha – Means “God gracious Gift”.

Anita – An amazing name that means “grace” or “favor”

Shirley – The meaning of this name is “bright meadow”.

Hedda – A Greek word that means “Battle War”.

Ivana – A name with the nice meaning “Gift from the heavens”.

Mando – A Latin origin with a cute meaning “worthy of love”.

Remus – The meaning of this name is “Unknown”.

Everhard – Means “Strong as a boar”.

Bunny – A cute nickname meaning “Famous real-life people” or “a little rabbit”.

Mosima – An African origin which means “A little Princess”

Kaitlyn – The name comes from Irish origin which means “Pure”.

Gabriel  A Hebrew name meaning is “God is my Strength”.

Jav – A cute name which means “Serpent Lord”.

Warden  It means “Obedient, loyal”.

Liam  Nice nickname and it means “ungracious”.

Deidre  It means “A brokenhearted”.

Conroy  A decent name meaning “hound of the plain”.

Bomi  Is an amazing name that means “a springtime”.

Hugo  A Germanic name which means “Brilliant”

Alvi  A brilliant nickname that means “white” or” bright”.

Favian  A Latin word means “man of wisdom”.

Mendel A Hebrew word means “comforter”.

Frode It means “Clever or Wise”.

Ragini  An amazing name means “loving”.

Alfred A cute name means “old peace”.

Conrad Better for calling with this name and it means “bold”.

Cong Min  It means “intelligent”.

Ulima  the meaning of this name is “wise”.

Safi A nice name means “pure”.

Kayla Means “Beloved”.

Veda It means “wisdom”.

Sorcha An Irish word means “brightness”.

Kyna An English word means “Royal”.

Berna  A cute name means “strong”.

Kendry A great name means “wise man”. 

Berit   It means “Lofty”.

Aldo A short name means “the tall one”.

Tallis  The meaning of this cute name is “Woodland”.

Dara – A Hebrew word means “star”.

Hakim –This name means “Ruler”.

Dante – A Latin word means “Everlasting”.

Berit – It means “Exalted”.

Senan – An Irish name means “little wise one”.

Zeke –  A cute nickname means “God Will Strengthen”

Famous Cow Names

famous cow

Ruth – A Hebrew name means “Companion”.

Alohi – A cute name means “Shining”.

Belig – It means “Clever”.

Brigid – An Irish name means “Power”.

Elvis – This name comes from Scandinavian and it means “All-Wise”.

Feivel – A popular name means “brilliant one”.

Frodi – This cute name means “learned”.

Hecate –This name is associated with the Greek language and it means “Magic”.

Hewett – A Germanic word that means “heart”.

Impala – A name with a nice meaning “Best Friend”.

Karasi – An African origin and it means “Life and Wisdom”.

Minnie – An English origin which means “Bitter”.

.Nestor – The meaning of this cute name is “homecoming”.

Orinthia – It means “to excite”.

Pheobe – this name has an amazing meaning “bright”.

Redmond – An Irish origin with a cute meaning “protector”.

Sia – It means “victory”

Thanh – Means “Brilliant”.

Wilbur – An amazing name meaning “Will Fortress”.

Bahira – A decent name that means “Sparkling”.

Quain – This name has a great meaning “Quick”.

Ramona – With a cute meaning “protecting hands’.

Veda– Sanskrit name that means “Wisdom”.

Keen – It means “Proud”.

Nakoa–  It means “warrior”.

Franz – The meaning of this cute name is “free man”. 

Cleo It refers to this meaning “glory”.

Ally – This name prefers the nice meaning “Friend”.

Altman – A cute name meaning “old”.

Gabby – This name shows brilliant meaning “hero of God”.

Floretta – It means “Flower”.

Glenda This name has a cute meaning “pure” or “clean”.

Jody A Hebrew name which means “simply”.

Marlon  Meaning “Little Warlike One”.

Pamela – This cute name has a meaning “Sweetness”.

Rhea –  A Greek name and It means “flowing”.

Theodore – means “Gift of God”

Dominic – With a decent meaning “lordly”.

Edward Better for nickname and it means “riches”.

Vincent This name shows a cute meaning of“winning”.

Aakil – This is a Hindi name meaning “Intelligent”.

Deemant – Means “smart”.

Cassidy – This name provides a brilliant meaning “clever”.

Mackenize – This name prefers the “popular” meaning.

Sorcha – It means “brightness”.

Berit – This cute name has a meaning “lofty”.

Flisberta  A Germanic name which means “Intelligent”.

Galena  It means “Calm”

Barnaby–  This name has a cute meaning “son of consolation”.

Zachary – Means “God has Remembered”.


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