Cowboy Horse Names: (91+ Old Western Actors Names)


The cowboy horse names are love because; Many of us like their styles.

Sometimes it is great if you need a horse name from history. Most famous cowboy horses from Movies and TV series. Your horse will get some connection to the movie horse that you can inspire others. It can be a running style, jumping style, or even colors or physique. That’s how I got the idea of good cowboy names to expand my list of horses. You can choose the name that’s perfect for your horse.

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The 10 Best Cowboy Horse Names

Cowboy Horse Names

Western Horse Names with Actors Names

Amigo – Gail Davis was an American actress and singer who played the role of this horse.

Amelia – First horse of Dan James at the cattle station in Western Australia.

Beechnut – Billy Crystal in City Slickers.

Black Diamond – LASH LaRUE’S horse also known as Rush

Bullet – The horse of Charles Robert the color was brown.

Baron – Tom Tyler from The Adventures of Captain Marvel.

Buster – Adventure comic strip “Flash Gordon”

Bingo – Ridden by Don Durant American actor and singer.

Buttermilk – DALE EVANS horse appeared in many films.

Bucephalus – Alexander the Great horse.

Banner – The big horse rode by John Wayne.

BlackJack – Allen became Rocky Lane in Red Ryder and he changed his horse name.

Chub – The large, dark brown by Dan Blocker.

Colt – A scruffy, Pale horse

Cactus – This horse was buck jones, who’s name was silver, and Carson changed to Cactus after when he died in a tragic fire.

Cyclone – Don “Red” Barry’s horse.

Clover – Bob Willis’s horse.

Candy – This horse ride by David Carradine in the TV series “Shane”.

CanCanLena – A professional horse trainer Stacey Westfall’s horse.

Chico – Another horse name of Bill Cody.

Comet – This horse from Brisco County Jr favorite comedy Western series.

Cochise – Michael Landon’s horse.

Champion – American actor Jock Mahoney rode in Range Rider.

Dollar – The Shooties movie the horse of John Wayne.

Diablo – Henry Darrow’s horse in the role of Manolito Montoya.

Dynamite – Real name of phantom horse ridden by Zorro.

Duke – A popular Western star Tim Holt’s horse.

Dice – Ridden by Gregory Peck in the Big Country.

El loaner – James Garner as Bret Maverick.

Eagle – The one from the three-horse of Buck.

Feather – Ridden by Allen “Rocky” Lane.

Fritz – A silent film actor William S. Hart’s horse.

Freckles – An American comedic actor The Bob Denver’s horse

Goldie – Original name was “Golden Girl” called Goldie.

Goodeye – The wild horse of Nat Love who breaks the toughest ride.

Gene Autry – Famous Horse in Gene’s television series.

Joker – Jan Merlin’s horse in the Rough Riders.

King – Bill Cody Horse

Lucky – Raymond Hatton selected a beautiful horse named “Lucky”.

Loco – Ridden by “Pancho” in the Cisco Kid Series.

Little Champ – Gene’s the other horse name.

Maypop – Bobby Kerr founder of texas Cowboy trains and performs with wild horses.

Misty Girl – An American Actress Barbara Stanwyck horse in The Big Valley.

Mike – A popular American actor GEORGE O’BRIEN horse.


Midnight – Clint Eastwood horse name.

Mutt – An American rodeo champion Hoot Gibson’s horse.

Makado – Henry Darrow’s horse in the role of Manolito Montoya

Nelson – George Washington’s horse.

Old Buck – A horseman Hardy Murphy performed with this horse.

Old Speed – Goin’ South American western-comedy film by Jack Nicholson.

Ollie – The horse in the movie “Maverick”.

Pardner – Buddy Roosevelt horses “Pardner and Tommy”.

Poncho – A mustang horse pickup by Bobby.

Penny – Will Hutchins’s horse in the Western television series.

Phantom – Its original name is Dynamite color is white.

Paint – Michael Landon horse for his roles as Little Joe.

Rex – The rex wonder horse started film series 1920s and 1930s.

Rocinante – This horse of Don Quixote in the two-part 1605/1615 novel.

Ring eye – Smiley made 62 films with his horse. His horse name was changed three times Black-eyed Nellie, Ring-eyed Nellie, and finally just Ring Eye.

Raven – In the “White Horseman” ridden by Art Acord

Rusty – Rider Jack Randall is commonly known as blackjack performed with this horse.

Rebel – Brown Horse rode by Johny Mack.

Rising Sun – Famous horse of Elvis Presley

Red Fox – Best runner horse of Jesse James.

Raider – A white horse ridden by cowboy hero Charles Robert in Durango Kid Sport.

Reno – A white steeped horse of Johnny.

Starlight – Western movie actor Tim Mccoy horse names were “Midnight & Starlight”.

Sonny – Wild Bill Elliott used many horses but his first was “Sonny”

Swampy – Dan James choose this horse during “Road to the Horse World Championship”

Sunfish – Ride by Lee Martin.

Soapy – Mark Slade as Blue Cannon in High Chaparral

Scar – Jimmy Stewart uses this horse in his film career.

Scamper – National Cowgirl Charmayne James’s horse.

Silver – The Lone Ranger’s horse.

Sandy – Buck Jones best three cowboy horse names “Silver, Eagle, and Sandy”.

Sugar – Don Murray in These Thousand Hills.

Sun Dance – On the RKO series, Tim Hold rode this horse.

Traveler – Robert Fuller owned this horse.

Thunder – This black horse ridden by Will Bill Elliot in Red Ryder.

Tony – Tom Mix’s horse was famous with his own tricks and got the title The Wonder Horse.

Topper – Hoppy’s horse was king nappy and replaced by Topper throughout his film in 1954.

Trigger – An American actor Roy Rogers horse name.

Scout – Its rider is Tonto.

Target – The second horse of Gail Davis she started her role as Annie Oakley

Tonka – Sal Mineo’s horse.

Tex – White Flash performs by this horse.

Tornado – This horse ridden by Guy Williams.

Texas – Bill Boyd (Singer)

White Feller – Tonto’s first horse.

Zane – American actor Bob Steele horse.

Hope you enjoy my new list of cowboy horse names please share on your wall.

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