Deer Names – 275+ Good name Ideas (with meaning) 2023


Deer’s uniqueness is admired in the wild animals just because of his antlers and activeness. Many people ask for beautiful deer names to keep for their pets, Following is a complete list of many good names.

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Male Deer Names:

Bob In Germanic names, the meaning of this nickname is “Bright”.

Doro – A name that has a great meaning “Gift of God”.

Loet –  A cute surname for your pets and it means “Battle”.

Homeboy – This name is specially used for those 

Casper – The meaning of this nickname is “Treasure”.

Whitey –  This name’s meaning prefers the “fairy” people.

Marvin – Their name is Welsh and it means “Great Lord”.

Velvet – An American origin which means “Soft Fabrics”.

Devin – A name you get in Irish origin it means “Fawn”.

Hary– It is of Germanic origin and means “Ruler of the home”.

COCO – Sweet name means “Chocolate”.

Scooter – The name represents a good meaning “Person of Scotland”.

Bull – A name used for those who have strong physical strength.

 Thunder – Means “Stormy Tempered”.

Obsession – A big name gives a perfect meaning of “Feeling”.

Roscoe – It is of Cornish origin gives the meaning of “Doe Wood”.

 Optimus – Latin origin name means “One of the Best”.

Damon – This name comes from Greek origin which means “Subdue”.

Knox – Cute surname meaning “Small Hill”.

Jax – Smallest name means “God has been Gracious”.

Ghost – The name is associated with the United Kingdom and it means “Gift of God”.

Monarch – This name is specially used for a person who reigns over a kingdom.

Holyfield – The Scottish surname means “Elephant”.

Bruiser – Nice nickname gives a big meaning “A Boxer”.

Boo Boo – A cute short name that means “A minor injury”.

Nasty – For Unpleasant things this name is used.

Spanky – Meaning of “Gift of God”.

Maximus – A Latin term that gives the meaning “Greatest”.

Junk Yard – This name’s meaning is used for places where garbage is kept.

Empire – Famous name that means “Strong power”.

 Splitter – A name is used for one that split.

Konk – The meaning of this cute surname is “delicious food”.

Oscar – Old Norse origin means “Gentle friend”. 

Ivan – Hebrew name which means “God is Gracious”.

Zeus – A name is primarily used as Greek origin means “God”.

Renwick – Meaning “Raven’s village”.

Derland – An English origin that means “Land with Deer”.

Ayalon  – This name has a lovable meaning “Place of deer”.

Frank  – It is of English origin that means “Free”.

 Bubba  – This name is derived from an American origin meaning “Brother”.

Blad – A name prefers a good meaning “Pale-faced”.

 Rico  – A short-form name gives the great meaning “Brave Ruler”.

Brett  – A name associated with Middle English that means “Briton”.

Slane – Cute surname that means “Salty”.

Hook  – The meaning of this nickname is “Someone who lived in a hook”.

Assassin  – Meaning “Hashish Eaters”.

Crazy  – It means “Foolish”.

Phoenix  – Lovable name means “Deep Red”.

 Loki  – Very pretty surname that means “Airy”.

Moose  – The Native American origin means “Largest Spices in Deer family”.

Female Deer Names:

Sarah – Means “Princess”.

Prima –  In Latin names it means “Firstborn”.

Samara – Nice nickname selected from Hebrew origin which means “Protected by God”.

Isabella – This name originates from an Italian and it means “Pledged to God”.

Thalia – Greek origin name means “To blossom”.

Mary – Arabic name means “Beloved”.

Gabriella – The meaning of this nickname is “Strong man of God”. 

Neena – A native American name that means “Mighty”.

Lucy – The smallest nice name means “Light”.

 Tabitha – Meaning “Graceful”.

Fauna  – It is of Latin origin that means “Goddess of Fertility”.

Prima  – A sweet well-known name that means “Firstborn”. 

Pinky – Means “Like a Rose”.

Afra – The very beautiful name means “Young Deer”. 

Ayelet  – Meaning “Gazelle”.

Harini – This name is an Indian name which means “Deer like”.

Reem – Brilliant name derived from Hebrew origin that means “Infirm”.

Ossia – A very cute name that means “Little deer”.

Pingjarje  – A decent name that means “Small deer”.

Olen – Lovely name has the meaning of “Relic”.

Kaliska – Means “Coyote Chasing Deer”.

Oisin – A name is specially used for “Little Deer”.

Dyani – It comes from an American origin meaning “Deer”.

Breezy – You will get in Spanish names it means “A person who loved Homer’s lliad.

Jasmine – This name refers to a “Flower” meaning.

Lace – A name is especially for those who have gray hair.

Jewel – The meaning of this cute name is “Precious Stone”.

Luna  – A name associated with an Italian origin that means “Moon”.

Elli – A cute smallest name that means “Light”.

Hinda – A name is commonly used for deer.

Pearl – Is of English origin and means “Smooth”.

Beauty – Means “Lovely”.

Spring – This name means “Flowery season”.

Doe – A cute soft name that means “A female deer”.

Ayala – Lovely name selected from Hebrew origin that means “Gazelle”.

Winde – A name is especially for those who whisper.

Silka – Means “Blind”.

Arfa – Awesome name means “Best”.

Aura – A Latin origin name that means “Glowing light”.

Blaise – It means “Bent”. 

Selene – A name from Greek myth and it means “Moon”.

Alma – The very pretty name means “Feed One’s soul”.

Lily – Nice surname means “Pure”.

Rose – The meaning of this name is “A flower”.

Daliah – A name is derived from Hebrew and it means “Gentle’.

Dorcas – Cute better name means “Gazelle”.

Milagro – A name has a great meaning “Miracle”.

Willow – This name is associated with an English name meaning “Graceful”.

Zibiah – It’s better meaning“The Lord Dwell”.

Maral – Means “Female deer”.

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baby deer

Names for Baby Deer

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Goody  – A lovely nickname that means “Good day”.

Beauty – This sweet name means “Beautiful”.

Hope  – Means “Desire of fulfillment”.

Abie – It comes from an English origin which means “Father of a nation”

Bambi – A name is an Italian name that means “Child”.

Wona  – The name means “God did this”.

Asher– A name gives a good meaning of “Blessed”.

Bucky – A nice surname that means “Little buck”.

Buttercup – A name with an English origin that means “Yellow wildflower”.

Aini – The meaning of this cute name means “Spring”.

Faith – In Greek names, it means “Confidence. 

Josie – Means “God will add” and it is of an American origin”.

Miracle – Pretty name means “Divine Act”.

Snowy – Cute name has a cool meaning “Filled with frozen rain”.

Serenity – A name gives a fine meaning of “Peaceful disposition”.

Sarah – This name translates into joy.

Godiva  – The meaning of this name is “God’s Gift”.

Isabella  – This name is derived from Hebrew names and means “Pledged to God”.

Ivanlee  –  It means “God is Gracious”.

Dee  – A cute little Celtic name that means “Sacred”.

Buffy –This name is associated with an American origin that means “Nickname for  Elizabeth”.

Savi – An Indian name that means “Resident”.

Akiva – This name gives a big meaning of “Protect”.

Tzvi – In Hebrew names, the meaning of this name is “Deer”.

Juvenile – Means “Youthful”.

Ching – A lovable name that means “Fissure” and is of Old English origin.

Pop – A sweet short name used for a Confident person.

Ayla – In Turkish names, you will get the meaning “Noble”.

Serendipity – A big name gives a quiet meaning of “Unexpected good fortune”.

Camella – This name is of Latin origin and means “Helper to the Priest”.

Sonnet The meaning of this nickname is “Little song”.

Meadow – A loving name that means “Vegetation”.

Briar – The very pretty name means “Small tree”.

Fern – The nice nickname means “Green shade-loving plant”.

Faline – Means “Like a Cat” and it is of Latin origin.

Elke A Germanic origin name that means “Of noble birth”.

Snow Goddess In Welsh it means “Snow ”.

Sona – This name prefers a good meaning of “Wisdom”.

Speckles A name gives a little meaning “Dots”.

Precious – This name is derived from an English origin and it means “Of great worth”.

Vana – Cambodian origin means “Golden”.

Hurricane – A name’s meaning is “Storm”.

Goodness – Cute surname which means “Good”.

Ivandoe – Means “God is Gracious”.

Muthoni An African surname that means “Not available”.

Nova It means “New”.

Gracie – means “Grace of God and this is of English origin.

Sunny A name related to a (cute) means “Happy”.

Wonder – This name gives a fine meaning of “Awesome”.

Snow – Means “Goddess”.

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