Leopard Names: (225+ Best Names with Meaning) 2024


The Leopard names are interesting for your big cats or dogs, There are many options for great Bengal name ideas have a look.

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Male Leopard Names

Bert – A German name means “Bright”.

Tao – This name has been used in Chinese origin and means “Long Life”.

Hunter – A name is of an English origin which means “One who Hunts”.

Chet – Means “Camp”.

Charlie – A name derived from the old German name which means “A free man”.

Boon – An Amazing name means “Beans in Dutch”.

Aslan – This name belongs to the Turkish origin means “Lion”.

Max – A name is a short form and it means “The Greatest”.

Frank – A Latin Francis which means “Famous Bearer”.

Jot – This is an Indian name meaning “Light”.

Nimbus – A name gives the natural meaning “Dark clouds”.

Bull – This is a cute nickname meaning “Strong man”.

Dice – From the Middle English name it means “Luck”.

Ziggy –  A name prefers the meaning of “Peace”.

Badil– The nice name means “Pious”.

Nemo – A lovely surname which means “Nobody”.

Kumo – This name is a Japanese word meaning “Cloud”.

Ming – A common Chinese name means “Shining bright”.

Boof – The meaning of this nickname is “Fox”.

Yeti – Means “Abominable Snowman”.

Chase – Old French name means “Hunt”.

Glitz – A name has a delightful meaning “Ostentatious Glitter”.

Jake – A name originally meaning “God is Gracious”.

Rajah – This name is selected from Sanskrit and the meaning is “King”.

Hazel – A name is specially used for the “Tree”.

Judy – Meaning “Women of Judea”.

Mercury – It comes from Latin names and means “wages”.

Chester – Amazing name which means “camp”.

Bongo – This name means “Pride” and is of Xhosa origin.

Simba  – An African name that means “Lion”.

Zelda – A lovable nickname means “Happy”.

King – A well-known name gives great meaning “Ruler”.

Frankie – A bright name means “Truthful”.

Sabor – The name is a French origin and means “Sword”.

Sultan – An Eligible name gives fine meaning “Ruler”.

Phoebe  – Meaning “Bright”.

Chalky – This name has been chosen from an Old English name meaning “Whiten”.

Sabu – A name gives a great meaning “Strong Loyal Person”.

Albert  – The meaning of this cute name is “Noble and Bright”.

Onyx  – Means “Black Gemstone” and is of an English origin”.

Loco – Spanish name that means “Crazy”.

Harry – The short-form name means “Power”.

Evan – A name is commonly known as a “Ruler”.

Apollo – A good name means “Destroyer” and a Greek origin name.

Ben – It means “Good Speaker”.

Oscar – A name is obtained from Old Norse origin which means “Gentle Friend”.

Gaston – The nice name has a big meaning “Guest”.

Reggie – The meaning of this sweet nickname is “Mighty”.

Will – A short name gives the fine meaning “Resolute Protector”.

Teddy – Means “Divine Gift”.

Female Leopard names

female leopard-1

Luna – An Italian name gives a fine meaning “Moon”.

Angel – This name is derived from a Greek origin which means “Messenger of God”.

Sophie –  A lovable name means “Wisdom”.

Darling – The meaning of this cute name is “Cherry”.

Annie It is of English origin which means “Gracious”.

Ella – This name gives an amazing meaning “Fairy”.

Jasmine – A name refers to the meaning of “Flower”.

Astras – Meaning “Star”.

Sheba In Arabic names, it means “Kingdom”.

Beth – A name has a brilliant meaning “God is my Oath”.

Alexa – A nice nickname which means “To Defend”.

Nala – Meaning “Queen”.

Daisy –  It is a better nickname means “Day’s Eye”.

Ayla – From Sanskrit names, you will get the best meaning “Light”.

Fiona – The meaning of this cute nickname is “White”.

Orla – A small name gives a very lovable meaning “Golden Princess”.

Penny – It means “Weaver”.

Zelda – Very good nickname that means “ Blessed ”.

Viola – Means “ Violet ” and is of Italian origin.

Bella – A short form of isabella gives the decent meaning “Beautiful in French”.

Enid – The nice nickname means “Soul”.

Blossom – A natural name gives a brilliant meaning “Flower”.

Paws – Originated from Thai and it means “Flower”.

Dusty – Meaning “Light Dirt”.

Zorro – Cute Spanish name means “Sly”.

Opal – Smallest name which means “Jewel”.

Pepper – The meaning of this name is “Berry”.

Diana – You take the best meaning “Messenger” from this name.

Inky – A little name gives a big meaning “Detailed’.

Ranger – Means “Forest Guardian”.

Raid – A name has a great meaning “Magician”.

Lotus – A Greek origin name that means “Lotus flower”.

Lola – Spanish name means “Sorrow”.

Mia – A sweet short name means “Dear”.

Nora – It means “Light”.

Stella – A name is a Latin word that means “Star”.

Cinnamon – American name which means “The Spice”.

Dakota – This name translates in a “Friend”.

Leyla – A name has a great meaning “Daughter of the Night”.

Shadow – An English name means “Shade from the Sun”.

Adele – A name derives from German and it means “Nobility”.

Atlas –  Means “To Carry”.

Ricky – A well-known name that means “Powerful”.

Megan – It means “Strong”.

Mitzie – Bright name means “Star of the Sea”.

Siprra – Means “Cool Girl”.

Harley – This name is specially used for “hare’s meadow”. 

Mowgli – Means “Frog”.

Snow Leopard Names


Dawa – A name is often used for a beautiful and it means “Moon”.

Foggy –  This is a California name and it means “Elegant and Beautiful”.

Lotus – A name is most of the exotic flowers and it means “Lotus Flower”.

Ice – It is the smallest cute name which means “Frozen water”.

Bora – A very sweet name which means “Purple”.

Zara – Means “Princess”.

Misty – A name is of an American origin that means “Dew”.

Storm – The meaning of this cute name is “Tempest”.

Pebble – This name is considered in American origin which means “Small Rocks”.

Pine – A French name means “Spruce”.

Frost – The name has a cool meaning “Born at the time of winter”.

Amber – This name refers to a good meaning “Jewel”.

Tawny – A name comes from an Old English origin that means “Golden Brown”.

Bailey – A name so cute that means “Bailiff”.

Eliza – The name comes from English and it means “Joyful”.

Neve – It is an Irish origin name means “Radiant ”.

Iceberg – A cool name means “Ice Mountain’.

Snow – Means “Frozen Rain”.

Malvina – A name is derived from Scottish Gaelic and it means “Smooth brow”.

Zima – The nice nickname means “Winter”.

Pearl – A name is associated with “Innocence”.

Lily – The meaning of this name is “Pure”.

Goji – This name gives the “Wolf “meaning”.

Alp – In Turkish names, it means “Hero”.

Apu – A short decent name means “Pure”.

Dorito If you want a silly cat name, Dorito could be a hit for a bright orange cat.

Chiki – Means “Intelligent”.

Amala – A popular name which means “Hope”.

Splotchy – A name means “Stain”.

Pixie – A name for a Mythological creature means “Fairy”. 

Beetle – A name is used for those who Built.

Flecky – In British names, you will get it’s meaning “Covered In”.

Seb – A name is of an Egyptian origin which means “God of the Earth”.

Lunar – This name has a great meaning “Moon”.

Light – A name especially gives the meaning of “Dawn”.

Kiki – The name is according to the French origin and it means “New Beginning”.

Smokey – Native American name which means “Soul of the Fire”.

Blizzard – A name submitted from Australia means “Frost’.

Snowpea – The sweet flat pods of a type of pea,

Cotton – Very popular name gives the brilliant meaning “Coat of mail”.

Figaro – This name acquired the meaning “Son of Caron”.

Milo – Means “Crush”.

Milky – A submission from a Germanic origin which means “Sweet”.

Swiftmoon – Selene origin gave the meaning of “Moon of Goddess”.

Loki – This is better for speaking and it means “Airy”.

Ghost – A name according to Michigan and it means “Gift of God”.

Cleo – This name is a Greek prefix which means “Pride”.

Labana – Means “Moon”.

Glacier – It means “A huge mass of ice that moves slowly to land”.

Sesi – An African name means “Sister”.

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Famous Leopard names

famous leopard

Yuvraj   This name is primarily used in Indian and it means “Young King”.

Mapigano – A great name has a meaning “Fight”.

Chulun – This name prefers the meaning of “Rocky”.

Guenhwyvar – A name that comes from Welsh and it means “White”.

Bagheera – This name’s meaning is related to the “Tiger”.

Aslan A name tells the meaning of “Lion”.

Tai Lung  – This name is well known as “Great Dragon”.

Yambo – A name gives a decent meaning “Special”.

Naga – Indian name which means “Snake”.

Hobbes – It means “Bright Fame”.

Battle   Means “Warrior”.

Clarence  – A beautiful surname means “Brother of King”.

Neon – A name used for those who are “Bright and “Energetic”.

Blizzard – A Thai origin which means “Frost”.

Alaska – This name has a great meaning “Great Land”.

Amigo – In Spanish name, it means “Friend”.

Asher – This is a decent surname and it means “Someone lives near the Ash tree”.

Aragon – A French name means “Independent Kingdom”.

Canyon – Geographically it means “Footpath”.

Remus – The meaning of this nickname is “Founder of Rome”.

Gandalf – Means “Elf ”.

Peter –  A name gives the strong meaning “Stone”.

Winter – A cool name means “Coldest Season”.

Hol – A cute little name means “Born on a holy day”.

Totem – A name is specially used for sacred objects.

Stalker – This leopard name is best for those who pursue games.

Zeus – A name is of a Greek origin which means “God”.

Oliver – This name prefers the meaning of “Descendant”.

Murphy – A name has a cool meaning “Battle”.

Molly – Sweet name which means “Bitter”.

Aspen – Means “Shaking Popular tree”.

Eskimo –  A name has a great meaning “Person”.

Callie – A lovely name means ‘Beautiful”.

Maddy – A name is associated with an English name and it means “Woman Of Magdala”.

Kona – A name gives sweet meaning “Origin”.

Sony – A famous name has the meaning “Handsome”.

Skoy – A fine name has an amazing meaning “Just For Fun”.

Ebona – A cute nickname gives the big meaning “Detailed”.

Birch – Means “Bright”.

Biscuit – This name means “Twice Cooked”.

Casper – The name has a great meaning “Treasurer”.

Kovo – The brilliant surname which means “Destiny”.

Neveda – A Spanish origin name means “Covered in Snow”.

Shanti –  A Lovable name that means “Peace”.

Everst – A cute name means “Eure River”.

Baya – The meaning of this name is “Ugly looking”.

Matilda – Means “Mighty in battle”.

Bruge  – A name gives the beautiful meaning “Mooring Place”.

Spring – A name is associated with the meaning of “Leap”.

Harbor – A name has a great meaning “War”.

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