Lion Names (321+ Most Popular Ideas of 2024)

lion names

Need ideas for lion names? Whether you’re a lion owner, a zookeeper, a Tamer, or if you have a big cat looks like a lion. so take a look and find the best name that you need!

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The 10 Best Lion Names

Lion Names

Here’s a list of complete 321+ names you can select the one that you like!

Male Lion Names

male lion

Bubba – This name shows “A Close Friend “meaning.

Tyson – An English name means “Son of Denis”.

Hugo – A brilliant name means “Mind”.

Boots – The name is derived from a “Maker”.

Lavi – A Hebrew name especially used for a “Lion”.

Ariel –This cute name means “Lion of God”.

Zeus – A Greek name means “Sky”.

Jake – The meaning of this cute name is “God is Gracious”.

Kovu – Means “darkest hour’.

Zira – The smallest meaning which means “Messenger”.

Fred – It means “Peaceful Ruler”.

Ryan – Popular name comes from Irish and it means “Little King”.

Dillion – Means “Faithful”.

Morocco – An African name means “The Merchant of Venice”.

Leo – A Latin name refers to the “lion” meaning.

Corin – This name is associated with the English name and it means “Spear”.

Diata – This name shows a cute meaning “Personality”.

Ari – A Hebrew name refers to the “brave” meaning.

Nada – means “Hope”.

Muffin – The meaning of this sweet name is “My Love”.

Skip – Cute nickname and it means “Skipper”.

Ozzie – The latest name with a decent meaning “Power of God”.

Pandora – This name dedicated to the Greek language and it means “All Gifts”.

Thor – A powerful name means “Thunder”.

Attila – Means “Father”

Kodjo – A cute name means “Extreme in fortune”.

Oliver – A decent name means “An Olive Tree”.

Baruti – Means “Teacher”.

Female Lion Names

female lion

Elsa – The name is a nickname of Elisheba and it means “God’s satisfaction”.

Lexie – Means “defender of man”.

Erma – The smallest name derived from the Greek language and it means “Whole”.

Willa – A good name which means “resolute protection”.

Scout – An Old French name means “To listen”.

Amra – A sweet name means “Princess”.

Joanna – A cute name means “God is Gracious”.

Kesari – Means “Saffron”.

Amandla – A Nguni name which means “Power”.

Nala – This name is derived from African and it means “Successful”.

Vitani – A good name means “Demon of War”.

Celia – A Latin name means “heaven”.

Cliodhna – A cute name means “shapely”.

Consuelo – The meaning of this cute name is “Consolation”.

Darva – A Slavic name and it means “Honey Bee”.

Aaliyah – A name has a nice meaning “Exalted”.

Xena – A cute Greek name which means “Stranger”.

Hera – This name also prefers the Greek language and it means “Queen”.

Sabrina – A decent name means “From the River Severn”.

Lolita – Nice name meaning “Sorrow”.

Vega –Means “Stooping Eagle”.

Alice – The meaning of this name is “Noble”.

Aurora – A Latin word means “dawn”.

Venus – Literally means “Love”.

Kaya – A cute nickname means “my eldest sister”.

Cleopatra – A good name means “Glory of the Father”.

Kamili – The name represents an African origin and it means “Perfection”.

Mena – The meaning of this sweet name is “Love”.

Ruaha – This name shows the “River” meaning.

Mara – A biblical name means “bitter”.

Kazi – Means “Work”.

Pelo – The nice nickname means “Coat of Arms”.

Kalahari – This cute name means “Great Thirst”.

Imani – This name is associated with Swahili and it means “Faith’.

Zalika – The meaning of this decent name is “Wondrously Beautiful”.

Luna – This cute name means “Moon”.

Rori – Means “Red King”.

Corin – A Latin word means “Spear”.

Cersei – A Greek name means “light”.

Kiara – This name provides the “bright” meaning.

Sarabi – A decent name shows “Mirage “meaning.

Savannah – Means “Open Plain”.

Amani – Nice nickname and it means “Security”.

Angalia –  A Greek name means “Messenger”.

Zuri –  A lovely name means “Beautiful”.

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Baby Lion Names

baby lion

Kaya –A turkey name means “Rock”.

Tiifu –Means “Faithful”.

Lev – In archaic Bulgarian, It means “lion”.

Joco – This name shows “done for fun” meaning.

Sparky – A cute name prefers “lively and high spirited “meaning.

Zola – A Latin word means “popularity”.

Simba – This name commonly gives the meaning “Lion”.

Timon – It comes from the Greek language and it means “To Honor”.

Venn – A cute name means “Fair”.

Lelie – A name derived from Dutch origin and it means “Lily”.

Tully – The smallest name means “mighty people”.

Zuba – This name is a variant from Azuba and it means “assisted”.

Bibi – A short name means “Help or Save”.

Bobby – A Germanic name means “bright”.

Lippy – Cute nickname means “popularity”.

Kendi – The name is an African origin means “The Loved One”.

Timmy – The name comes from the Greek language and it means “God Fearing”.

Karoo – The meaning of this cute name is “Black Prince”.

Shera – An Aramaic origin means “Brightness”.

Hulk – Means “enormous person”.

Jumbo – A popular name means “large in size “.

Clifford – An English origin means “ford by a cliff”.

Rocky – A cute nickname and it means “Rock”.

Medea – The name has a brilliant meaning “to plan”.

Romeo – An Italian name means “Pilgrim from Rome”.

Dilan – A decent name means “Love”.

Lais – The cutest name which means “Lion and Lucky”.

Jala – In the Persian language means “Special”.

Lenina – A name prefers “Lion” meaning.

Loni – A Latin name, also prefers the “Lion “meaning.

Puma – The meaning of this sweet name means “Mountain Lion”.

Leoline – Means “Leader”.

Lenna – This name refers to the sweet meaning “lion Strength”.

Ahadi – A Swahili origin means “With many promises”.

Kazi – Means “Respect”.

Kion – An Irish form means “Warrior”.

Kula – This name shows “Tribe”.

Rebel – An English origin means “Defiant person”.

Banana – It means “finger”.

Uru – The name shows a decent meaning “Broad”.

Cuddle – This cute name means “Hug tenderly”.

Yansa – A nice nickname which means “Lightning”.

Kefira – This name prefers “young lion”.

Kintu – Means “Thing”.

Giddy – A Sweet name shows a cute meaning “happiness and joy ”.

Shumba – A name has a Zimbabwe origin which means “Lion”.

Beno – A Hebrew origin means “Son”.

Bello – Means “Handsome”.

Lion King Names

lion king names

Kopa – This name is a Spanish origin which means “Rising Moon”.

Kion – An Irish origin with a cute meaning “Warrior”.

Fang – A cute name means “Fragrance”.

Kimba – An amazing name meaning is “Brush Fire”.

Benroy – A Hebrew name means “Son of the Right Hand”.

Rudo – This name is better for calling and it means “Love”.

Sabal – A name has a beautiful meaning “With Strength”.

Imani – This name is associated with Swahili and it means “Faith’.

Chobe – A better name means “Sweetest Gift to the World”.

Akiva – A name derived from Hebrew and it means “To Hold by the Heel”.

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Funny Lion Names


Chi – A cute name shows “ Younger Energy” meaning.

Juza – A decent name means “Brilliant”.

Lelee – An English name means “Field”.

Chui – A sweet nickname means “Chinese”.

Fusi – The name is a Lesotho Origin which means “Child Born AfterTwins”.

Chaka – A Hebrew name means “life”.

Jeera – It means “another spice”.

Hobo – Means “Migrant Worker”.

Cheja – The sweet name means “Holiday”.

Keva – A popular Irish name which means “Gentle”.

Chacha – A decent name meaning is “Very Creative”.

Loba – An African origin which means “To Talk”.

Chicha – This name represents an African origin that means “Beloved”.

Fantah – The meaning of this sweet name means “Beautiful Day”.

Coffee – Means “Fair”.

Ayo – This name prefers an African origin which means “Great Joy”.

Obi – A lovely cute name means “Heart”.

Hago – A decent name means “Classmate Finder”.

Abla – A beautiful name shows “Wild Flower”.

Fogo – It means “Portuguese”.

Kifaa – A name shows “Equivalence” meaning.

Jabbie – The cutest name means “Benevolent”.

Afya – This name is a Kiswahili word meaning “health”.

Hissa – Means “Star”.

Anan – A decent name means “Clouds”.

Gilda – The name is an English origin which means “Golden”.

Delu – A cute name shows “Only Girl”.

Josie – The meaning of this nice nickname is “God will Increase”.

Penda – The name comes from Swahili and it means “Love”.

Dofi – Means “Second-born after twins”.

Lila – An Indian name means “Beauty”.

Eno – A Germanic name means “Strong with a sword”.

Decca – This name comes from the Greek language and it means “Ten”.

Sera – A name prefers Hebrew origin which means “Princess”.

Kunto – A sweet name means “Third born child “.

Dibby – This is an African-Hausa origin and it means “a fortune-teller”.

Fila – It is a better nickname which means “Loving”.

Mua – The meaning of this decent name is “Chief”.

Jina – A name is a Swahili origin and it means “one’s self”.

Popo – Means “Tall RyeGrass’.

Juji – This name is mostly used in African and it means “Heap of Love”.

Soma – Nice nickname means “The nectar of immortality”.

Kiho – A short-form name which means “Fog”.

Lulu – This name is an English origin and it means “Pearl”.

Fifi – Means “May Jehovah add”.

Lali – A shortest Greek origin name which means “Well Spoken”.

Matu – The nice nickname means “Gift of God “.

Yoofi – It means “linked to fertility”.

Ubora – The name gives a great meaning “Excellence”.

Names Meaning Lion 

Names meaning Lion

Leonie – A Latin name means “Lion”.

Lionel – This name is also referred to as the “Lion”

Luan – A name comes from Albanian and it means “Lion”.

Lyon – A cute French origin name also refers to the meaning of “Lion”.

Sher – A famous name of Lion.

Leandra – An Italian origin means  “Lion Man”.

Leonard – A sweet name means “Strength of Lion”.

Scar – A sweet short name means “King”.

Leah – A Hebrew origin means “weary”.

Lennart – In Swedish origin it also gives the meaning “Lion”.

Lenny – Means “Brave as a Lion”.

Lew – A short Russian name also means Lion.

Lon – A Spanish name means “Noble”.

Tau – An African origin also represents the meaning “Lion”.

Gur – A cute short name shows “Baby Lion”.

Dillon – A decent name “Like a Lion”.

Lehoi – This name comes from the basque origin “Lion”.

Singh – A name has the meaning “Lion” in Sanskrit.

Zariel – The name is derived from English-American origins.

Names that mean Lion 

Lenora – This name is of Spanish origin and it means “Light”.

Leocadia – In French Name the meaning of this name is “Lion”.

Leonie – A Latin-origin means “Lioness”.

Leola – An American origin it also prefers “Lioness” meaning.

Leona – The name means Lion and it comes from an Italian origin.

Leonce – In French Names the meaning of this name is also Lion.

Leone – An Italian origin means Lion.

Leonel – An American origin and it also means “Lion”.

Leonid – It means Lion-like and derived from Russian origin.

Levka – A Latin Name which also means Lion.

Lonell – The meaning of this name is “Young Lion”.

Liona – Means Lioness and is of Italian origin.

Leander – A Greek name which means Lion Man.

Leonide – The meaning of this name is “Lion” and is an Italian origin.

Linette – An English origin and it means “Pretty One”.

African Lion Names

Sudan – This name has a cute meaning “Rich”.

Kali – An African name meaning ‘energetic’

Jira – A sweet name means “Related by Blood”.

Unika – An African origin which means “Shine”.

Zambia – Means “God is Friend”.

Armani – In Italian origin means ““faith”, “belief”.

Izem – In Tamazight it means “Lion”

Zahara – A cute name meaning “flower”

Imani – Another African Lion name meaning ‘faith’

Namib – It is a Khoekhoegowab origin and means “vast place”.


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