Monkey Names (261+ Most Famous Ideas) 2024

Pet monkey is completely different from a cat and dog. Monkey has a playful, naughty, and trickery behavior who deserves a cute and funny name. So, We’ve compiled a list of 250+ monkey names that make your heart melt. 

Let’s check it out.

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Male Monkey Names

male monkey names

Pikachu – Which means to “sparkle or glitter”

Bert – The name is a Germanic origin and it means “Bright”.

Koala – It means “No Drink” in the Aboriginal language.

Piggy –The name is derived from English and it means “Pig”. 

Max A name shows “The Greatest” meaning.

Finn – The smallest name comes from Irish and it means “Fair”.

Titan – A decent name meaning is “Defender”.

Jasper A name is commonly a Persian origin, it means”Treasurer”

Jose – The name is a Spanish origin and It means God Will Increase.

Tank – The name is of Nigerian origin and means “God’s friend”.

Chucky A cute Germanic name meaning “Free Man”.

Leo – A Latin name means “lion”.

Albert – The cutest name means “Noble And Bright”. 

Beans – This name might be for a male who has babies “The pod containing seeds”.

Pilo It means “pillar or column” and this name is derived from the Italian word Pila.

Bandar A Persian name that means “Port” or “City by the Sea”.

Mike A Hebrew sweet name and the meaning of this name is “Who is like God?”

Snoopy Meaning “curious, or nosy”.

Herbie It is derived from Herbert’s name which means “army” or “bright”.

Ned The smallest name means “Wealthy Guardian”. 

Monty  A French name and it means “Mountain belonging to the ruler”. 

Morty A decent name also refers to the French language which means “Dead Sea”.

Bingo – This name for a playful monkey.

Aldo A name comes from the Latin Altus which means “The tall one”.

Jack A name means God Is Gracious.

Solo The nice name means “peace”.

Bobo the Meaning of this cute name is  “bright fame” 

Spike It is a popular name which means “Long” or “ Heavy Nail”.

Virgo  It comes from the Latin word and the meaning is “maiden”.

Kieron An Irish or Gaelic name which means “black or beam of light”.

Biff a cute nickname based on the English origin which means “punch”.

Hamlin the meaning of this cute name is “ Loves the little home”.

Orson Means “Bear Cub Congo”.

Seal The name means “Dweller By The Small Wood” Copper

Caesar A cute name means “Thick Head Of Hair”.

Chunky Means “Strong” or “Healthy”.

Ape This name is distinguished for “Monkeys”.

Mikey This cute name is a variant of Michael

Brice The name derived from Celtic Names which means “Swift”.

Stinky This name shows the “ fetid” or “fusty” meaning.

Jedi A Hebrew Name and it means “Beloved by God”.

Bear The meaning of this smallest cute name is “Strong”.

Louie A French Name shows better meaning “Famous warrior”.

Rafiki An African origin which means Friend.

Bilbo Means “big city”.

Edgar This name is commonly an English origin and it means “rich”.

Female Monkey Names

female monkey

 Nia This name has a cute meaning “Bright” and is preferred to the Welsh origin

Lulu Means “Famous Warrior”

Lara The smallest name shows the great meaning “Lovely”

Zulu This name refers to an African origin and it means “Heaven”

 Suri A cute Hebrew name means “Princess”

Iris Meaning. “Rainbow” 

Ella  A Greek word which means. ”Beautiful” or “Fairy Maiden”

Olive Means “The Olive Tree”

Kiara A unisex name also meant “Bright”

Maya The name means “Good Mother”

Joy A delightful word which means “Great Happiness”

Kiki Means “New Beginning”

Bella A French name which means “Beautiful”

Zoey A cute name shows great meaning “Life” and this name comes from Greek origins

Dora Means “Gift”

Lexy A name has a cute meaning “Man’s Defender”

Callie The cutest name is of Greek origin and means “Beautiful”

Stella The name refers to the Latin origin and its meaning is “Star”

Lily A beautiful name whose meaning is “Pure”

Lavy A Hebrew name meaning “Lion Cub”

Anna – A Latin form which means “Favor” or “Grace”

Grace  The meaning of the name is “God’s favor”

Bibi – Means “ Lady”

Kila This name is used mostly in the English language 

Ane A cute name meaning “Graceful”

Lynna An Irish Gaelic word meaning “Church”

Sheena This name prefers the Hebrew origin, it means “God is Gracious”

Isis Means “Woman of the Throne,” 

Alene A cute name means “Precious”

Koko Meaning: Stork

Zira The meaning of the name is “Messenger”

Koba A decent name shows a cute meaning “Supplanter

Tabby – The meaning of this smallest name is “Gazelle”

Talori The smallest sweet name which means “ Morning’s Dew”

Ember  It means “Spark”

Carlina This name comes from an Irish origin and it means “Little Champion”

Delissa A decent name shows a cute meaning “Gives Pleasure”

Lindy A lovely name has a “Beautiful” meaning

Chante A cute French name means “To Sing”

Merry Nice nickname means “Cheerful”

Leela A Sanskrit name which means “Play”

Lev The smallest name represents cute meaning “Heart”

Lorine A  Latin word which means “Laurel”

Colette this name shows great meaning “ Victory Of The People” 

Lisa Means “God Is My Oath”

Macy An old French good name which means “Weapon”

Rosie A Germanic name which means “Fame”

Samantha It has a more accurate meaning “God Heard”

Cute Monkey Names

cute monkey names

Aelia This name has a great meaning “Sun”.

Chip An English origin which means “Famous Bearers”.

Rio Means “River” and this is of Spanish origin.

Twiggy It means “Fragility”.

Bonzo A name is of an African origin and it means “African for Bone”

Andross A name comes from Greek word and it means  “Strong”

Lolo Cute nickname which means “Free Man”

Virgil A Latin name meaning “Flourishing”

Ruby A lovely name which means “Red”

Tina Nice nickname means “River”

Nica This name is derived from Latin origin and means “True Image”

Jamie A sweet Hebrew name means “Heel”

Casey This name is an Irish Gaelic cathasaigh which means “Vigilant”

Amy It is better for a nickname and means “Beloved”

Shannon An Irish name provides “Possessor of Wisdom” meaning

Kim Means “Noble or Brave” 

Emily This name comes from the Latin meaning “Rival” or “Hardworking”

Boo A name is meant to be “Frightening”

Chimp It is derived from the Tshiluba language with the meaning of “Ape”

Ira In the Biblical names it means”Mighty Men.”

Zev The name is of Hebrew origin and it means “Wolf”

Locke Means “woods”

Coco this name represents an American origin and it means “Chocolate Bean”

Katie It means Pure and this name is of an English origin

Nia A nice nickname which means “Bright”

Suri A Hebrew origin and it means “princess”

Tough This name is derived from the Old French words and meaning “thicket”

Norman In English names the meaning of this “Man of the north”

Octo means “ Thanks”

Lee The smallest name means “Clearing”

Herb The meaning of this cute name is “Army Bright”

Kelly An Irish origin and it means “Bright headed”

Casey The cutest name shows”vigilant” or “watchful” meaning

Ed A sweet short name meaning “Rich in friendship”

Darcy  Means “dark-haired”

Reece A name is of Welsh origin and it means”enthusiasm”

Toni A name comes from French and it means “Beyond praise”

Edwin  This decent name means “rich friend”

Bart A name is of a Hebrew origin meaning “son of the earth”

Morty A French Name which means “Dead sea”

Luis Means “famous warrior”

Scot In Scottish Names the meaning of this sweetest name is Wanderer

Spinner A cute name means “to use”

Zara This name is Russian and it means “princess”

Flo The smallest name meaning is “flowering or flourishing”

Thom The name Thom means “Twin” and is of Greek origin

Chubby The name is so cute and it means “Fish”

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Big Monkey Names

big monkey

Mozart The name represents cute meaning “marsh” and is of Southern dialects.

Mason This name is from an occupational surname which means “one who works with stone”.

Brancher Means “one who shows growth in various directions”.

Mellisa The meaning of this cute name is “Honey bee”.

Mistie Means “mist”.

Graham A name is derived from the English and the meaning is”gravel”

Mako This name comes from “Germanic” origin and the meaning is “Strength”.

Drew Means”Descendant of the Druid”.

Marshall An old Scottish surname meaning “Love of Horses”.

Cauley A cute name means “charcoal wood”.

Martha This eligible name means ” the mistress”.

Marilyn A Hebrew name means “beloved”.

Elston In English names, the meaning of this beautiful name is “My God is Jehovah”.

Misha means “A Gift from GOD?

Megan A special name which means “pearl”.

Sophia  This name is of Greek origin means “Wisdom”.

Hutch The name shows a cute meaning “dweller”.

Judy It means “She will be praised”.

Jarl The smallest name which means “nobleman”.

Chris Means “one who carries Christ”.

Pearl This sweet name means “Smooth”.

Ginger A cute English name which means “virginal”.

Adam This name derives from the Hebrew meaning “the ground”.

Bertie A French name and the meaning is “Intelligent”.

Hipster A Greek name which means “Old Friend”.

Ned A cute shortest name means “Wealthy Guardian”

Cedric Means “Bounty”.

Bing A Germanic Name meaning is “From the kettle shaped hollow”.

Jared A sweet name gives a great meaning “Rose”.

Luke The meaning of this cute name is  “the bright one”.

Rover Means “Place to Place traveling”.

Gordo This will be a good name for a healthy monkey and it means “Fat”.

Jerry A popular name means “Holy name” or “Sacred name.

Abbey Means “Happiness of Father”.

Jimmy The cutest name shows a brilliant meaning “Supplant”.

Bingo A funny name defined “As a game”.

Aldo This short name means “the tall one”.

Betsy A feminine name means “God is my oath”.

Spike This cute name which means “A long piece with a sharp point”.

Blip The smallest name which means “A small spot of light”.

Gleek Means “A Joke”.

Hutan This name is taken from an orangutan meaning “forest”.

Zakhar A name gives the cute meaning “Remembrance Of God”.

Bion Means “life”.

Abrek This good monkey name relates to the meaning of “Brave”.

Dusty It means “Mostly covered in dust”.

Bruno This name is Derived from Brun Meaning “Brown”.

Jannis This name shows a great meaning “God is gracious”.

Melody A name represents a decent meaning “An Arrangement of Sound”.

Maximus Means “greatest”

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