Names for Fast Dogs – (91+ Ideas with Meaning) 2024

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These names for fast dogs are perfect to call your dog. when you are running, training, or playing. You’ll love our list with 91 name ideas with the meaning!

Let’s dive in;

Blitz – A sudden energetic lightning

Flash – A light with great speed

Gunner – A member who has the power to operates

Pitty Pat – This name used for running as a footsteps

Sparky – This name is crazy for the fast dog means full of energy

Shooter – Perfect name for a fast dog.

Sniper – Just in case if your dog runs fast with short distance

Bolt – For a dog who is extremely energetic 

Racer – The dog who runs with opponents

Snicker – For a fast dog who makes a low quiet sound 

Flock – If you have more than one dog this will be best to call both.

Zorro – Is more closely related to a wolf-like “sharpy”

Dart – To move swift fast 

Beast – Especially for an extremely talented dog

Spaz – Name your dog that acts insane

Gazelle – The best name for a usually fawn-colored dog

Min – The one who ran the track in just a few minutes 

Zoom – If you zoom to track your dog this name is best.

Speedy – A dog who done quickly

Flux – The action of flowing

Hector  – Greek name means Holding fast

Snap – For a dog to put too much pressure to get the goal

Jet – A rapid stream for a very fast dog

Namir – Arabic origin means Leopard, A handsome dog with full of energy.

Mehira – Hebrew name meaning “swift, energetic”

Flare – Beautiful name meaning burst of bright flame

Kohana – This name is cool for a little dog “Tiny flower

Arrow – Known as the fastest dog who runs on targets

Rocket – Who achieve a great height or distance

Fivel – This name means “brilliant one”

Snappy – Who made a quick decision

Target – A winning dog who wins a lot of time.

Boss – Great name for a dog who takes the charge.

Fanta – This name relates to energy and deep desire emotions.

Quick – Running fast or winning in a very short time.

Jiffy – A name which means the instant time frame

Scout – A Soldier who gathers information about the opponent’s position.

Charming – A cute dog with a pleasing personality.

Coyote – One of the best names for a deep magic dog.

Vettel – Fast sleek dog who races on purpose.

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Names for Fast Dogs

names for fast dogs

Connie – Perfect for a steadfastness

Lightening – Means to something light or clear

Chipper – A cheerful dog with happy and energetic feelings.

Jogger – A buddy dog who jogs with you.

Lemmy – Who runs at the frenetic speed in the sport.

Tarzan –  You can name your dog it means “Strong and Agile”

Ryker – For a very brave power dog

Pronto – Who moves promptly quickly on the goal.

CaraIn the Irish language it means friend.

Tempo – The name relating to sound speed.

Sharp – Who runs by following the expression of time

Boo – A French word “beau” which means beautiful

Buzz – When your dog on track with the continuous humming sound

Pixel – For a runner who achieves in minutes “speed illumination”

Arnold – A masculine name with power and brightness

Fleta English name meaning “Swift”

Glide – Move with a smooth continuous motion

Boris – Meaning “wolf”

Shika Excellent intention;

Speedo A proper effort that indicates speed.

Storm – Move angrily or forcefully

Fly – Taking long Jump in time of running 

Shifter – Name your dog who shift the game 

Piper – A dog who plays with a pipe.

Bryce An absolutely perfect name who is breaking bearer.

Ahren Hebrew name means “mountain of strength”.

Pebble – This name for the champion dog who is thick and convex

Razzy – A record-setting runner who discover the core purpose

Nippy – A English name which means “Scrolling for more”

Whiz – For a runner who moves quickly through the air

Ballistic This word can be used for an extremely excited dog

Alain This name for a lively, Cute pup means “Harmony”

Sweep Just in case your dog loves to play on a clean place means “Broom or Brush”

Brisk Another perfect name means active, fast, and energetic.

Scar A mark on the skin that makes your pet unique.

Frantic – A simply swift dog who has done in a very urgent way

Rover You spent the time to train your dog and call him by this name.

Thunder Its the best name for a rushy rumbling or crashing dog.

Aiden Name derived from the Irish “consisting of fire or burning”

Lulu A name that shows the “wonderful” dog.

Bambino – For a very fast pup 

Chase – The one who runs to make their achievements

Rapid – For a dog who reach in a short time 

Boaz – A Hebrew origin means Strength

SpotThe place where the dog goes to get the target.

Astra – An adorable name  meaning “The Stars”

Spider – A symbol of speed, power, and growth

Rex – A name from an animal rabbit, in the sense of speed.

Juliet – A Female origin name means Youthful, Downy. 

Zippy – Bright, Fresh,

Alek – A male name defender or warrior”

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