Tiger Names: (653+ Ideas with Meanings) 2024

Tiger names

Some people love to choose the tiger names as their own nickname, friends, family, or if they’ve pet’s like dogs and cats and want to get the influence of the tiger as the biggest cat.

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The 10 Best Tiger Names

Tiger Names

tiger names list

Unique Tiger Names with Cool Meanings

male tiger names

Male Tiger Names

Alfie – It means”counsel”.

Arya – Persian origin which means “Friend”.

Alba – A Latin origin name means “White”.

Azeil – A Hebrew name meaning “God is my strength”.

Albie – The meaning of this name is “bright.

Bob – A cute name for a tiger “Famed Bright”.

Bryan – The name is of an English origin which means “Noble”.

Brady – An Irish surname means”Spirited”.

Bandit – With an African origin means “Thief”.

Bryson – A name expresses an African origin and it means “Noble Son”.

Birch – An English origin means “Tree”.

Ceary – It means “From The Fort’ and is of Irish origin.

Cody – A cute name which means “Helpful”.

Carlos – A name of Spanish origin means “free man”.

Cayden – An American name means “Fighter”.

Dominic – Means “Of The Lord”.

Dave – Means “Beloved”.

Dean – A beautiful name means “Valley”.

Ethan – Derived from Hebrew origin means “Long-Lived’.

Emilio – A Latin word name means “Rival”.

Eduardo – The name is derived from Spanish origin and means “Wealthy Guardian”.

Enzo – A short name means “ Winner”.

Frid – The meaning of this decent name is “Peace”.

Geobaldi – Means “courageous.”

Gael – A cute name has a great meaning “Joyful”.

Gambler – This is ultimately derived from Gamall which means “Old”.

Harold – Means “Brightness”.

Ivan – A Russian name means “God is Gracious”.

James – The name is of Hebrew origin means “Supplanter”.

Jack – The meaning of this great name is “God is Gracious”.

Jacob – A biblical name means “To Follow”

Joel – The meaning of this name is “Lord is God”.

Javier – Means”castle” or “new house”.

Kip – A name has a British origin which means “Pointed Hills”.

Kumal – The name has a decent meaning, “Popular”.

Kimono – The cutest name which means “Thing to wear”.

Nigma – Means “Star”.

Rocky – A name derived from an Italian origin meaning “Rest”.

Sanchez – A Spanish variant name means “sacred”.

Shroff – A name has a great meaning “Money Lender”.

Shiva – A  Persian origin name means “Beautiful”.

Shaq – It means “Little”.

Sebastian – The name is of Greek origin means “Venerable”.

Vincent – The name is of Latin origin which means  “conquering”

William – A popular name means “helmet, protection”.

Winston – Means “Friend’s Town”

Yuki – Means “Snow”.

Yoseba – The name prefers the Hebrew origin and it means “God will multiply”.

Zima – A cool name means “cold”.

Female Tiger

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Female Tiger Names

Pawla – A name represents a girl tiger name meaning “small”.

Fran – A name is derived from a Latin word and it means “free one”.

Jiba – A shortest nice name means “The Moon”.

Laci – A famous name has a great meaning “Cheerful”.

Kinsley – An English origin name means “meadow of a king”.

Lillian – A Latin origin name means “Purity”.

Stella – The cutest name meaning is “Star”.

Gracie – The nice nickname means “Grace of God”.

Medusa means “To Protect”.

Serenity –The meaning of this decent name means “Peaceful disposition”.

Cosimia – means “Of the Universe”.

Maya– A Sanskrit name which means “Illusion”.

Electra – The name is a Greek word which means “Shining”.

Riley – A name presents a “Valiant” meaning.

Chloe – means “Blooming”.

Solange – A French name has a great meaning “Angel of the Sun”.

Naomi –The name has a great meaning “Pleasantness”.

Claire – Means “Illustrious”.

Quinn – An Irish origin which means “Counsel”.

Paisley – The name Paisley means Church and is of Scottish origin.

Taraji – Decent name means “Hope”.

Hailey – Means “Dweller in the hay meadow”.

Haleh – It means “Halo”.

Bianca – A name is an Italian cognate of Blanche which means “White”.

Fifi – Very small cute name means “Jehovah increases”.

Mia –The shortest name which means “Dear”.

Camila – An Italian origin means “Perfect”.

Sussy – A pretty name means “Lily”.

Finn – Small name which means “Fair”.

Nimmy – Meaning “Sparkling of Eyes”.

Aurora – The meaning of this cute name is “Dawn”.

Cleo – A Greek prefix which means “Pride”.

Milly – Means “Industrious”.

Lexi – A name has a great meaning “To Defend”.

Tabby – A sweet name that means “Gazelle”.

Riley – A name represents the cute meaning “Courageous”.

Hazel – This name is specially used for “Trees” or the “Color”.

Skylar – An American origin name which means “Scholar”.

Nova – This name has the feel of both newness.

Muffin – Very lovely name means “My Love”.

Eva – The smallest name means “Full of Life”.

Meaghan – It is an American origin and the meaning is “Pearl”.

Yara – The very beautiful name means “Small Butterfly”.

Ensley – A name means “One’s on the meadow”.

Amelia – means “Work”.

Ava – A Latin origin which means “Like a Bird”.

Kennedy – means “Ugly”.

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baby tiger

Baby Tiger Names

There’s nothing cuter than tiger cubs Many people love baby tiger pet because they’re cute and soft fur coats. If you have a baby cat black, gray, orange, Let’s pick these cool tiger names.

Archie Means “Bold”.

Kendra – This name prefers a sweet meaning “Water Baby”.

Tuff – A name refers to those who are strong”.

Lily –The nice name has a sweet meaning “Rebirth”.

Nathan –The name prefers the Hebrew origin which means “He Gave”.

Issac – Means “God has made somebody laugh”.

Tony – A name is derived from Victoria which means “Triumphant”.

Brooklyn – Means “One who lives near a brook”.

Frosty – This name is an English-American origin and the meaning is “One Who is Cool and Crisp”.

Snowy –Sweet nickname which means “Filled with Frozen Rain”.

Gavin –Means “God Send”.

Dylan – The meaning of this name is “Son of the Sea”.

Eli – Cute’s biblical name meaning is “Ascent”.

Ilsa – A Hebrew name which means “God’s promise”.

Bandit – means ‘Thief”.

Jasmine –A Persian name and it means “Fragrant flowers”.

Matilda – It means “Might”.

Diego – With a very beautiful meaning “May God protect”.

Darcey – Means “Dark one”.

Misty – means “Covered with Mist”.

Bab – A cute name means “Playful”.

Camila – A name represents a great meaning “Young Ceremonial Attendant”.

Eleanor – A Hebrew origin word means “Light”.

Aubrey – The name is the derivation of the Germanic origin meaning “Noble Ruler”.

Kiki – A Spanish origin name means “New Beginning”. 

Kora – A name comes from the Latin cordis and it means “Heart”.

Mimi – A French name means “sea of bitterness”.

Zadie – means “Prosperous”.

Arabella – A very sweet name that means “Beautiful”.

Isla – A name is derived from Islay and it means “Bright as a SUN”.

Aaron – A Hebrew origin name which means “Exalted”.

Iyla – means “Bright one”.

Tyler – A name is derived from old french which means “House Builder”.

Teigan – A good tiger name means “Blessed”.

Tess – A cute short name which means “Harvester”.

Maisi – An English origin word which means “Pearl”.

Tiana – The very beautiful name means “Princess”.

Wilf – The meaning of this cute name means “Will and Peace”.

Wesley – means “western meadow”

Wrehn – It means “Small Bird”.

WU –A Chinese word means “Martial”.

Ben – The best nickname means “Blessed”.

Bailey – It is of an English origin means “ Bailiff Steward”.

Barry – A name is derived from Gaelic which means “Fair”.

Bartosz – A name has a great meaning “Son Of Talmai”.

Molly – means “Of the Sea”.

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Funny Tiger Names

Kellen –The name is a Gaelic origin which means “Slender”.

Lao – A cute UK name which means “Large or Grand Mountain”.

Zoe – Very beautiful meaning “Life”.

Ian – The smallest name means “Orchid flower”.

Azrael – Means ‘Help of God”.

Anthony – In Latin means “of the Antonius family”.

Ethelbert – An English origin name which means “Noble and Bright”.

Tiana – Very sweet nickname which means “Princess”.

Tipu – This name gives us the meaning of “Tiger”.

Ryke – Means “Energetic”.

Colton – An English origin which means “From the Coal or Dark Town”.

Carter – It means “Son”.

Jayden – A Hebrew name which means “Thankful on

Wyatt – The name is of English origin and it means Son Of Guy.

Asher – A name is used for someone who lived by an Ash tree.

Pirate – Means “Robber Of The Sea”.

Ezekiel – The meaning of this name is “Strength of God”.

Griffin – A cute nickname for a dangerous person.

Henry – means “Power”.

Daphne – A name has a great meaning “Laurel tree”.

Isabella – It has origins in Italian and Spanish and the meaning “pledged to God”,

Ruby – It comes from the Latin ruber which means “Red”.

Imogen – Means “Innocent”.

Etta – A cute name has an English origin which means “Ruler of the Home”.


Names that mean Tiger

Trixie – The meaning of this name is ‘Traveller”.

Iris – A name prefers a natural meaning “Rainbow popularity’.

Nevaeh – Very decent name means “Heaven”.

Nitro – A small name which means “Person who lives”.

Ziggy – A Germanic name means “Victory”.

Koda – Means “Little Bear”.

Misha – A Hebrew origin which means “Who is like God”.

Pasha – Russian origin name means “Small”.

Emery – It means “Work Ruler” and is of an English origin.

Melody – A cute name means “Song Tune”.

Flynn – It is an Irish origin name means “Reddish”.

Sai – A cute Sanskrit name and it means “True Friend”.

Taara – A sweet name means ‘Star”.

Daisy – This name is specially used for numerous flowers.

Dakota – A lovely name meaning “friendly”.

Dominic – Means “Of our Lords”.

Danielle –The interesting name which means “God is my Judge”.

Bradley – It is an English name meaning “Broad Wood”.

Nia – A sweet short name which means “Bright”.

Aadiv – A name is used to mindfulness of feeling of love.

Jay – A little nice name means “To Rejoice”.

Nina –This name dedicates the beautiful meaning “Grace”.

Sydney – It means “Wide Meadow”.

Parv – An Indian name means “Festival”.

Cute Tiger Names

Daniel – Means “God is my Judge”.

Thai – The meaning of this name is “Person of Thailand”.

Puli – A name especially used for “Tiger”.

Haily – It means “Hay Meadow”.

Thor – The name comes from the Scandinavian origin which means “Thunder”.

Osiris –The nice name is derived from Greek words and it means “God of the Dead”.

Tristan – A welsh origin name means “Noise”.

Terrin – A name expresses a great meaning “Earthman”.

Samuel – Means “God has heard”.

Joshua – A Hebrew origin name which means “God Is My Salvation”

Avery – A name shows a great meaning “King”.

Georgia –This name is derived from George and it means “ Tiller of the Soil”.

Drishti – Means “Sight”.

Nancy – A name gives us great meaning “Grace”.

Darcie – An Irish word means “Dark Haired”.

Lexi – A Greek origin word which means “Alexander”.

Perla – A Spanish origin which means “Pearl”.

Samantha – The very sweet name means “God’s Heard”.

Sia – A small sweet name means “Victory”.

Orla – The meaning of this name is “Golden Princess”.

Harper – Means “Harp player”.

Hosea – Brilliant name means“He Saves”.

Nikita – The name is derived from the Greek Nicetas meaning “Victor”.

white tiger

White Tiger Names

Alba – A beautiful white tiger name means “White’.

Seneca – A Latin origin word means “Old”.

Yehuda – This name prefers a decent meaning “Praise”.

Balthazar – Means “Bel protects the King”.

Bao – A very little lovely name means “Jewel”.

Joshua – It means “God is my Salvation”.

Adah – The meaning of this name is “Adornment”.

Aaradhya – A Sanskrit word which means “First One”.

Lillian – A Latin origin name that means “Lilium”.

Julian – Means “Youthful”.

Ryan – An Irish surname means “illustration”.

Esmy – Sweet’s short name means “Beloved”.

Trinity – A name prefer the English origin and it means “Pertaining to the Holy”.

Brody – A Scottish name which means “Second Son”.

Vivian – The name means “Alive” and is of Latin origin.

Freya – Very brilliant name which means “Goddess of Love”.

Faye – Means “Fairy’.

Filip – A name gives the meaning “Loves Horses”.

Mirai – It means “The future”.

Ashley – An English origin name means “Ash tree meadow”.

Poppy – So, the cute name means “Red Flower”.

Freddie – The meaning of this name is “Peace Ruler”.

Simba – A name especially give the meaning “Lion”

Sahana – Means “Powerful”.

Mason – This name is used for “One who works with stone”.

Aiden – A name gives the meaning of “Fiery one”.

Famous Tiger Names

Indi – The smallest name which means “Independent”.

Dung – A Vietnamese origin which means “Bravery”.

Rambo – A name has a great meaning “Nest of the Ravens”.

Willow – A powerful name means “Graceful”.

Babur – A name has a “tiger” meaning.

Coco – Sweet nickname means “Chocolate Beans”.

Jaxson – It means “Son of Jack”.

Mateo – The name comes from Spanish and it means “Gift of God”.

Igor – A Russian origin name means “Warrior”.

Arthur – An Irish Gaelic word means “stone”.

tiger facts

Fun Facts About Tigers

  • Tigers are the largest and strongest animal that can run 60 kilometers per hour.
  • Tigers are the humble species they allow the female to eat first.
  • Tiger is the best swimmer who can swim long distances for hunt.
  • Amur or a Siberian tiger is the biggest species and the Sumatran tiger is the smallest.
  • The difference between a cat and a Tigers are stripes not even two tigers have the same stripes.
  • Tigers roar can hear at 3km.
  • 88 pounds of meat is the one meal of a big tiger.
  • Tiger vision at night is six-times better than ours.
  • Tiger back legs are longer giving them support to jump 20-30 feet longer.
  • Tiger claw length can be up to 4.7 inches.
  • A tiger sleep 18 hours a day.
  • Tiger digestive system only digests meat, they like cows, birds, rabbits, monkeys, lizards, etc.
  • Like cats, tigers do not like sweet.
  • Tigers are at 3rd position in the largest carnivore.
  • Tiger travels up to 20 miles to find the food.


We almost discussed every category that can best when naming your pet as a tiger. Choose your choice easy-going, strong, or cute adorable that will create more attraction for your pet.

We hope you enjoyed this cool article, share with your friends that might be a good opportunity for naming their pets as tiger names.

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