487+ Unique Horse Names (with meaning) 2024


When you’re naming a horse or foal, why not pick something cute like him?  We at love pet names, so we dug into our horse monikers database to find the cutest ones. Our list of cute horse names has some inspiration from current trends so you can pick a name that might just be perfect for your new equine.

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Elegant Horse Names

elegant horse

Alexia – An old Greek origin name meaning “Defender”.

Tucker – The meaning of this beautiful name is “One who makes garments”.

Annie – Well-known name meaning “Grace”.

Ellie – A special name derived from Hebrew origin that means “God is my light”.

Bruno – Meaning is “Brown”.

Teddy – It comes from French origin that means “Brave People”.

Dusty – Cute name that means “brave warrior”.

Lucy – Gives an elegant meaning “of Light.

Lucky – American origin name that means “Fortunate”.

Velvet – Means “Soft fabric”.

Angel – Popular’s name comes from Greek and it means “Messenger”.

Paisley – The meaning of this name is “Church”.

Dixie – In the Bible it means “Wall”.

Milton – Associated with English origin means “From the Mill Town”.

Boomer – It gives a great meaning “Loud”.

Scout – This is a gender-neutral name that means “First Explorer”.

Charlie – Means “Free Man”.

Scottie –  A sweet name means “Scot”.

Carolina – A Latin-origin name that means “Joy”.

Rebel – Means “Defiant Person”.

Nero – It comes from the ancient Roman meaning “Strong and vigorous”.

Chilli – Nice nickname which means “Cold”.

Brooke – Meaning “Small stream”.

Bronze – “A copper” is the meaning of this beautiful name.

Gucci – Lovely name that means “Fancy”.

Anthony – It means “priceless one”.

Venus – An Arabic name means “To shine”.

Twain – The meaning of this great meaning is “Two items of the Same Kind’.

Odin – In Scandinavia, it means “Raging”.

Zeus – Bright name meaning “Bright”.

Girl Horse Names

girl horse

Dolly – Meaning is “Gift of God”.

Ruby – Derived from Latin origin that means “Deep red precious stone”.

Raven – The meaning in English names is “Dark haired or wise”.

Pie – Cute name used for “someone who was talkative”.

Zorro – The Spanish origin name means “Sly”.

Crimson – It gives the great meaning “Dark Red Color’.

Nori – Lovely Japanese name meaning “Seaweed”.

Misty – A name is of an American origin that means “Dew’.

Apollo – Means “Destroyer”.

Princess – Very famous elegant name that means “Royal Daughter”.

Alf – In Norse Mythology it means “Elf”.

Sassy – The meaning of this beautiful name is ‘Bold and Spirited”.

Rio – Cute smaller name that means “place of the cherry blossoms”.

Gypsy – Pretty name associated with English origin means “wanderer”.

Zela – “Heavenly” is the meaning of this bright name.

Angus – Means “Choice’.

Malia – Sweet nickname that means “Brave”.

Pip – A cute smaller name that comes from English origin which means “Lover of horses”.

Diva – An Italian origin name means “Celebrated Singer”.

Eva – It is derived from Hebrew and it means “living one”.

Shek – A Chinese surname meaning “Rock”.

Lavender – The name prefers the elegant meaning “lavender flower”.

Cora – A name is the best choice for you with the meaning of “Honest”.

Juno – Meaning is “Youth”.

Amber – From Arabic, it gives the great meaning “Jewel”.

Giada – The meaning of this Italian name is “Jade”.

Fauna – It is of Latin origin that means “Goddess Of Fertility”.

Tully – Means “Peaceable”.

Akela – Hawaiian origin means “Noble”.

Domino – Pretty name meaning “Lord”.

Tori – Derived from an English origin means “Winner”.

Boo – Means “Endearment”.

Leon – A name is of Greek origin that means “Lion”.

Lilly – The meaning of this lovable name is “flower symbolizes purity”.

Quin – the meaning of the name  In Gaelic Names “Counsel”.

Cisco – A Spanish origin name means “Frenchman”.

Ico – The nice nickname means “Let’s go”.

Riley – It means “Rich”.

Zoe – A beautiful Greek origin name means “Life”.

Moose – Means “ Largest Species In Deer Family”.

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Boy Horse Names

boy horse

Aladdin – Meaning nobility of faith

Maggie – In English names it means “pearl”.

Bob – The meaning of this cute name is “Shining”.

Max – Cute name gives  “Greatest” meaning.

Kate – The name has a nice meaning “pure”.

Kora – Famous name with the beautiful meaning “heart”.

Roxy – It is of Persian origin and it means “Dawn”.

Zoe – Lovely name comes from Greek origin and it means “Life”.

Tiago – Means “God may protect”.

Dulcie – A name derived from Latin origin that means “Candy”.

Bess – It gives an elegant meaning “my god is bountiful”.

Stormy – Means “Impetuous Nature”  and a gender-neutral name of American origin

Jolene – In French the name has the meaning “Pretty”.

Angus – A name is composed of Celtic elements and a nice meaning “One”.

Harley – Derived from Old English words and it means “hare’s meadow”.

Romeo – Means “pilgrim to Rome”

Taz – Cute smaller name that means “God’s gift”.

Abby – In the Hebrew language it means “Father’s joy”.

Buddy – From English nicknames, it means “Friend”.

Evan – A Gaelic word means “Youth”.

Arnold – This name is associated with German and it means “Eagle”.

Clive – Means “Slope”.

Harry – From the Germanic name it gives a cute meaning “Power”.

Domino – It comes from Italian with a lovely meaning “Master”.

Fitz – Meaning “Son of”.

Isabelle – Elegant name is of Hebrew origin and it means “Devoted to God”.

Boon – Brilliant name meaning “Bean”.

Bean – Pretty name comes from English that means “Beam Farmer”.

Hank – A unique English origin and it means “Ruler of the Home”.

Cacho – Spanish word means “Thick neck”.

Juliet – Name derived from Latin with great meaning “youthful”.

Johnny – Name derived from Latin with a great meaning

name which is composed of Hebrew Origin and it means “God is Gracious”.

Murray – A name is probably a Scottish name that means “Settlement”.

Ace – A name is a primarily Latin word that means “One or Expert”.

Rapunzel – Means “rampion”.

Victory – A Latin name that means “Conqueror”.

Kelly – From Irish and it means “bright-headed”.

Connie – The meaning of this nickname is “Constant or Steadfast”.

Sterling – Selected from English and it means “Little Star”.

Black Horse Names

black horse names

Slade – A surname of Saxon origin that means “A valley”.

Colt – A cute name is composed of English language and it means “Young Ass”.

Black beauty – Means “Lela”.

Smokey – Popular’s name means “Cloudy”.

Boo – Used as a nickname that means “Beautiful”.

Darko – The name has a great meaning “Gift”.

Noona – A cute word that means “Older Sister”.

Pradip – An Indian name that means “Light”.

Harlow – It means “Pile of Rocks”.

Flicka – Brilliant name that comes from German and it means “Peaceful Ruler”.

Nitara – Meaning “Having Deep Roots”.

Domino – A name that comes from an Italian origin and it means “Master”.

Cosmo – Greek choice means “Beauty”.

Loki – A bright title means “Airy”.

Cola  – Lovely name means “people of victory”.

Pedro – Derived from and meaning “Stone”.

Hades – A Greek word which means “Unseen”.

Molly – In Hebrew names, it means “Sea of Bitterness”.

Silva – This name is more significant so it means “forest”.

Brice – It comes from the Celtic name that means “Swift”.

Xavier – Popular’s name meaning “bright”.

Kuro – Name derived from Japanese origin with the great meaning “Ninth Son”.

Aether – Selected from the Greek language which means “upper sky”.

Bramble – This name has more significance so it means “blackberry bush”.

Nike – A name of Greek mythology and the meaning is “ Winged Goddess of Victory”.

Onyx – An English name that means “Black Gemstone”.

Conde – Meaning “companion”.

Trudy – A bright title means “ruler of the spear”.

Buzz – American word means “Village In The Woods”.

Paul – Used as a nickname and has a beautiful meaning “Small”.

Best Horse Names

best horse

Saskia – A name which is composed of German origin and it means “protector of mankind”.

Lovey – It means “Loved One” and it is of an American origin.

Daisy – The pretty name means “Day’s eye”.

Echo – The name is probably derived from Greek origin and means “Reverberating Sound”.

Khaleesi – It gives the wonderful meaning “Queen”.

Jumbo – Funny name means “Large in Size”.

Charlie – Meaning “free man”.

Felix – A popular name gives the meaning of “Lucky”.

Giada – An Italian name that means “Jade”.

Barley – The name is of an English origin that means “Grower”.

Axel – Beautiful name is derived from an American origin that means “Father is Peace”.

Pixie – It gives the lovable meaning “Fairy”.

Shadow – Meaning “Shade from Sun”.

Poppy – A sweet funny name that means “The milk of Happiness”.

Billy – The little lovely name means “Desire”.

Lucky – A bright title means “Fortunate”.

Chief – Cute name that means “Leader of an organized people”.

Stormy – Means “Impetuous Nature”.

Jack – A unique English origin and it means “God is Gracious”.

Toby – The meaning of this nickname is “God is good”.

Dora – Famous Greek word that means “Gift”.

Sansa – A very pretty name gives the meaning of “praise”.

Rumba – Brilliant name means “Rhythmic Dance”.

Vanita – It comes from an Indian origin and it means “Woman”.

Joey – Lovable name is associated with Greek and Latin Iosephus which means “God will give”.

Philip – Derived from Greek origin and it means “Fond of Horses”.

Butch – A gender-neutral name of American origin that means “Manly”.

Sally – The name has a beautiful meaning “Princess”.

Tulsa Means “Old Town”.

Bonnie– This name is chosen from the Scots language and it means “Attractive”.

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