154+ Koala Names (with Meaning) 2024

koala names

When talking about fluffy animals, koalas are the ones with big round ears and big black noses. They look a lot like grizzly bears. If you have a pet like a koala and are looking for the perfect name for your pet. There are so many ideas of koala names to consider.

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The 10 Best Koala Names 10

Koala Names

Baby Koala Names

baby koala

Furry – means covered with fur.

Teddy – A Gaelic word meaning “Wealthy protector”

Kolie – The name is derived from Latin and means “Mediator”

Taffy – A decent meaning “Welshman”

Rosa –  Beautiful name which means “Rose”

Snowy – Famous name means “Covered with Snow”.

Boo – The smaller sweet name means “Honey”

Joe – Selected from the Greek language which means “God will give”

Kaya – Funny name means Indonesian for “Wealthy”

Koby – Meaning is “Holder of Heel”

Luke – The name has a great meaning “Light.”

Minus – An English origin with an elegant meaning “Defect”.

Lixa – Spanish name and it means “Gift of God”.

Biggie – Little cute name means “Important”.

Hairy – Means “Having a lot of hair on the body”.

Nico – A bright title means victory of the people

Olive – Meaning “peace”

Rebecca – it means “To bind” according to the Philippines.

Pearl  –  The name is of English origin and means “Smooth”.

Rusty – Meaning “Shabby”.

Milo – Derived from Old Slavic and meaning “dear”.

Pongo – A Japanese word that means “Soldier”.

Fluffy – This name suggested us “something soft and airy”

Blu – “Blue” is the meaning of this pretty name.

Ozzie – Cute name gives a beautiful meaning “God’s power”.

Pompey – In Rome, the meaning is”the Great”.

Patty – Nice choice with diligent meaning “Please and Thank You”.

Luna – “Moon” in Latin origin.

Polly – it comes from an American English word meaning “Form of Mary”.

Caudle – Means “To treat tenderly”.

Sheba – A great name and meaning”promise”.

Alfie – Old English origin which means “Magical Counsel”.

Bogey – With a bright meaning “A detective”.

Larry – Means “moron”

Coco – Used as a nickname and has the beautiful meaning “Coconut.

Tiggy – An Irish Gaelic name that means “Tiger”.

Otto  – Sweet name that means “wealth”.

Curly  – Means “Full of curls”.

Lilly  – Derived from Latin origin and it means “flower symbolizes purity”.

Koko  –  “Night” meaning in Native American”.

Smith  – A nice nickname that means “son of the blacksmith”.

Daisy  – It means “day’s eye”.

Rubin  – In Spanish meaning “See”.

Sparky  – The meaning of this name is “To scatter”.

Benny  – Associated with Hebrew origin means “son of the right”.

Poochie  – Beautiful name that comes from California means “Favorite one in French”.

Gatsby  – Meaning “From Gaddesby”.

Male Koala Names

Koa – A Polynesian word that means “Brave”.

Rasmus – The name has a great meaning “Beloved”.

Darius  – A unique Latin word that means “possessor”.

Finley  – A Scottish word that means “Battle’.

Stephen  – Name is derived from Greek with the great meaning “Honor”.

Joy  – Brilliant Variant name means “Happiness”.

Sharon  – The name is associated with Hebrew origin so it means ‘a fertile plain”.

Elsa  – Meaning “God is perfection”.

Mulligan  – Coming from the Irish and its meaning is “grandson of the bald man”.

Pommie  – A name that has a great meaning “immigrant”.

Draco  – Ancient Greek name meaning “Dragon”.

Jojo  – From  African Names, it means “Monday Born”.

Rinny  – Pretty name means “Defender of Men”.

William  – The meaning of this nickname is ‘strong-willed warrior”.

Kathy  – With a decent meaning “pure”.

Jesus  – It comes from the Hebrew language and means “to deliver”.

Howard  – Famous name means “heart”.

Minty  – Associated with  Greek origin means “defender and vindicator”.

Roxy  – Lovely Persian name means “dawn”.

Karen  – it means “Pure”.

Willow  – English choice means “Freedom”.

Moshe  – Little cute name means “Saviour”.

Chloe  – A bright title means “Blooming”.

Murphy  – Selected from the Irish language which means “sea-warrior”.

Bob – The smallest name means “Bright”.

Female Koala Names

female koala

Kelly – Derived from Old Irish and the meaning is “Warrior”.

Pie  – Funny name means  ‘A dessert consisting of a Filling”.

Skye – From Scottish simply means “sky”.

Speedy – It means “quickly”.

Fleur – Meaning is “Flower”.

Cubby – Used as a nickname and has a beautiful meaning “Gift of God”.

Lola – Spanish name meaning “Sorrows”.

Tilly – From an Old German word it means “Mighty in battle”.

Becky – The very pretty name means “Captivated”.

Rosie  – The meaning of this nickname is “Rose”.

Tweety  – With a decent meaning “sweetie”.

Millie  – It comes from Multiple origins and means “Industrious”.

Snoopy  – Famous name means “Thanks”.

Shelby  – Associated with the Norse language means “Willow”.

Blinky  – In English names, it means “ slightly sour”.

Pinky  – The popular name has a sweet meaning “The Little Finger”.

Joey  – A Hebrew origin which means “Jehovah increases”.

Skippy – A unique word that means “Skipper”.

Sheila  – An Irish word that means “Heavenly”.

Lily – Name derived from Latin origin with great meaning

Jenni  – Brilliant name which means “white and smooth”.

Darcy – This name has more significance so it means “Dark”.

Jelly – Very sweet meaning “You are Honest”.

Dookie – Means “a person who behaved in a noble manner”.

Bean – English origin name meaning “Farmer”.

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Funny Koala Names

funny koala

Duke – Used as a nickname with a beautiful meaning “The Leader”.

Ffion – The meaning of this sweet name is “Foxglove”.

Waldo – Meaning is “rule”.

Spot – An English word that means “to see or notice”.

Konnie – Popular name  in the Latin origin meaning is Constant”

Jack – Funny name means “money”.

JON – The smaller name meaning is “the eye for god”.

Rascal – The meaning of this name is “unprincipled”.

Shabe – Selected from Arabic term means “the Night of Destiny”.

Charlie – A bright Old German name means “free man”.

Monti – This is a great title that means “mountains”.

Jari – The nice nickname means “Brave”.

Opie – Means “A highly-devoted member of the club”.

Tim – Cute nickname means “very rarely”.

Wamp – Lovely name means

Wilbur  – Associated with an Old English word that means “Wild Boar”.

Cute Koala Names

cute koala

Larry – It seems that in English it originated which means “Take a left”.

Woofie  – Means having a close or dense texture.

Tiggy  – In a Greek origin, Meaning is “worthy of one’s parents”.

Climb  –  Latin means “to ascend”.

Spooky  – meaning refers to “mysterious”.

Yogi  – Little cute name means “one who performs yoga”.

Shiny  –  A bright title means “having a smooth glossy surface”.

Lewis  – Popular name meaning is “Famous Battle”.

Bambi  – It has a beautiful meaning “The deer”.

Penny  – A British name has more significance so it means  “A coin”.

Fun Facts About Koala

  1. They are very smart at detecting predators, because of their excellent hearing.
  2. There is no palm on their paws.
  3. Koalas climb trees with sharp claws.
  4. Koalas seem like lazy animals. They don’t have much energy.
  5. Up to 20 hours a day they sleep on branches of trees.
  6. Only these marsupials have no tails.
  7.  They usually have a gray-brown color with white fur on the chest.
  8. The koala only eats leaves.
  9. Koalas are famous “no drink” animals. They get a lot of moisture from munching on juicy leaves all day long.
  10. Koalas Are Loners
  11. The babies are extremely attached to their mothers and spend about 6 months in the pouch.
  12. Their nature is not very aggressive. They tend to live peacefully most of the time.


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