537+ Octopus Names (with Meaning) 2024


Octopuses are famous sea animals with rounded bodies. They are highly intelligent and active. Researchers have shown that they have both long-term and short-term memory.  According to the World Animal Foundation, there are a total of 289 different species of octopus.

Octopuses are still kept in aquariums, and some people enjoy giving them a special name. So, we’ve compiled some of the best octopus names that you can use for your pet.

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Famous Octopus Names

famous octopus names

Fiona – Considered a Gaelic name and its meaning “White”.

Owen – Meaning “Noble” and belonging to Welsh origin.

Nemo – The meaning of this graceful name is “Nobody”.

Alwin – It means “Noble Friend”.

Gina – Bright title name means “Queen”.

Ruby – Famous name gives the beautiful meaning “Deep red precious stone”.

Ringo – Japanese choice, means “Apple”.

Shelby – An English surname and it means “Willow farm”.

Paul – This name is common in all European languages that means “Small”.

Jerry – The very cute name gives the meaning of “May Jehovah exalt”.

Silas – Well-known Greek or Latin word and it means “Wood”.

Billye – Means “Determined protector”.

Angel – It comes from Greek origin and it means “Messenger”.

Metis – The meaning of this elegant name is “Wisdom”.

Slinky – Pretty name means “Sleek and Graceful”.

Ozzy – It can be a sweet nickname with the meaning of “Divine Power”.

Kiki – Little lovely name means “House Owner”.

Kraken – Meaning “an anchor”.

Shaggy – Funny name means “Messy-haired”.

Biden – Derived from Old French and it means “a maker of buttons”.

Steve – It comes from an American language and it means “Crown”.

Stan – Means “stone clearing”.

Triton – A beautiful name that means “God of the Sea”.

Lizzy – Considered a Hebrew origin that means “God’s promise”.

Larry – The meaning of this pretty name is “Of Laurentum”.

Candy – A sweet name associated with Latin origin and it means “Dazzling White”.

Bobby – The meaning of this delightful name is “Bright fame”.

Olympus – It means “from Mount Olympus”.

Diddly – A name is an American English word and it means “worthless”.

Hubert – This pretty name is composed of Germanic origin that means “Heart”.

Podrick – With a lovely meaning “An intellectual”.

Crue – A name is a primarily French name that means “Crew”.

Hazel – its meaning refers to  “a greenish-brown color”.

Nara – Cute nickname prefers  Celtic words, meaning is “Happy”.

Ivy – Pretty name means “Vine”.

Daisy – Delightful name means “day’s eye”.

Zorro – Associated with Spanish origin and it means “Sly”.

Turbo – Means “spinning object”.

Fitch – Originated with Old French which means “an iron-pointed implement”.

Sheena – Decent name meaning is “Jehovah has been gracious”.

Cute Octopus Names


Maya – Means “good mother”.

Joey – An elegant name that means “God will give”.

Jonny – Grateful name that means “God is gracious”.

Billy – The pretty famous name means “’resolute protector”.

Gunner – Originated by German and it means “warrior.”.

Kai – In Hawaiian, it means “In Hawaiian”.

Boris – Meaning is “Snow Leopard”.

Splash – Bright title that means “Splashing in water”.

Dora – Famous lovely name means “Gift”.

Floky – The meaning of this name is “A heroic Viking”.

Nemo – Common name means “Nobody”.

Chloe – With a bright meaning “blooming”.

Pongo – Means “Any large ape”.

Floris – It gives the sweet meaning “Flower”.

Lissy – The very pretty name means “God is abundance”.

Rosa – Sweet name that means “Rose”.

Ezra – In Hebrew names it means “helper”.

Charlie – The meaning of this cute name is “Freeman”.

Tiny – A pretty little name that means “Follower of Christ”.

Ocho – In the Spanish word it means “Eight”.

Rambo – A well-known name gives the meaning of “Disregards orders”.

Molly – It is a cute smaller name that means “Sea of bitterness”.

Tinky – Famous funny name means “Sweet”.

Cora – Commonly derived from Ancient Greek that means “Honest”.

Bella – Italian sweet name means “Lovely”.

Zoey – Popular name gives the meaning of “Life”.

Skylar – It gives the special meaning “Scholar”.

Buster – Means “Tough Guy.”.

Jonah – A very beautiful name that means “pigeon”.

Gigi – It comes from French origin that means “God is gracious”.

Finn – The meaning of this name is “Fair-haired’”.

Nora – A smaller lovely name that means “Light”.

Cooper – Means “Buckets”.

Leon – Spanish name means “Lion”.

Spike – Considered as a sweet name that means “Heavy Nail”.

Ricky – Germanic name means “Powerful leader”.

Venom – It mean “Poison”.

Scout – Gender-neutral name means “First Explorer”.

Garrison – It gives great meaning “Protection”.

Hulk – Means “Large person”.

Good Octopus Names


Bruce – Meaning “He Willowlands”.

Lupin – A bright title that means “Wolf”.

Cindy – The meaning of this name is “Woman from Mount Kynthos”.

Willie – Germanic name means “Resolute Protector”.

Anna – It gives a pretty meaning “Grace”.

Sara – Famous name that means “Princess”.

Crusher – Meaning is “Someone or something that crushes”.

Dotty – Elegant name and it means “Gift of God.”.

Quinn – Bright big name gives the meaning of “Descendant of Conn”.

Tommy – English origin name means “A Twin”.

Otis – Little lovely name meaning is “Wealth”.

Beep – Delightful name means “Noise”.

Asa – A nice nickname that means “Healer”.

Talia – Means “To bloom”.

Larry – The meaning of this cute name is “Of Laurentum”.

Lupin – The cute name that means “Wolf”.

Arthur – Means “Bear”.

Ryan – So sweet name and the meaning is “Little king”.

James – Comes from Hebrew origin that means “Supplanter”.

Blinky – Popular pretty name that means “Blink-eyed”.

Nike – Means “The Winged Goddess of Victory” in Greek mythology.

Ariana – Delightful name means “Most holy”.

Hunter – Derived from English names means “One who hunts”.

Jethro – From Hebrew names, it means “Overflow”.

Maize – A name is composed of Spanish and it means “Corn”.

Midori – The meaning of this pretty name is “Whole plants”.

Orrin – Means “Green” in Irish origin.

Demi – Cute nickname means “Small”.

Ella – Beautiful name means “Other”.

Polly – Lovable name that means “Little” in Latin origin.

Ayla – Means “circle of light around the sun or moon”.

Ember – The meaning of this beautiful name is “Spark”.

Nicole – From Greek names, it means “Victory of the people”.

Posie – In Hebrew origin gives the great meaning “He will increase”.

Roy – A Scottish little name means “ nickname for a person with red hair”.

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Funny Octopus Names


Shawn – The name gives the lovable meaning “God is Gracious”.

Alex – Originated by the Greek language that means “Man’s defender”.

Aspen – Considered as a gender-neutral name and it means “Quaking Tree”.

Carson – Associated with the Scandinavian origin that means “Son of marsh-dwellers”.

Finlay – Common name is composed of an Irish origin and it means “White”.

Jackie – Means “to take over”.

Leslie – Brilliant Scottish name means “garden of holly trees”.

Sydney – The meaning of this beautiful name is “wide island”.

Hercules – A name that comes from Latin that means “glory of Hera”.

Eva – Hebrew name which means “Life”.

Rubin – Famous name that means “A son”.

Boone – From English names, it gives the meaning of “Good”.

Morgan – Well-known name means “Sea protector”.

Paris – Bright title means “France”.

Reed – Gender-neutral name means “Red-Haired”.

Rowan – Means “A river in paradise”.

Stormy – An American origin name gives the meaning of “Impetuous Nature”.

Tony – Famous cute name which means “Priceless one”.

Sasha – It means “Helper of mankind”.

Olivia – This name is probably Latin and it means “olive tree”.

Tatum – The meaning of this name is “Tate’s homestead”.

Saneha – Beautiful name means “Affection”.

Bowie – An Irish name that means “fair-haired”.

Carmine – Meaning “Garden”.

Buffy – Prefers to English name and means “God is my oath”.

Patches – Primarily originated by Americans and it means “Noble”.

Kane – Lovely popular name that means “Warrior”.

Tesa From Greek names it means “late summer”.

Coral – Special name gives the meaning of “Red”.

Turbo – Latin origin name means “spinning object”.

Fawn – The very pretty name means “young deer”.

Flynn – The meaning of this elegant name is “descendant of Flan”.

Camila – Meaning “young religious servant”.

Fred – Cute name means “peaceful ruler”.

Gannon – An Irish name that means “white”.

Surprising Facts About Octopus

  1. Octopus are those carnivores who have three hearts.
  2. They have eight arms. Each arm has its own ‘mini brain’.
  3. But did you know when they are bored, octopuses eat their own arms?
  4. When an octopus starts swimming its organ heartbeat stops.
  5. More than 300 types of octopus are found in the world.
  6. Blue blood flows in their bodies.
  7. They have a very short life span of approximately six months.
  8. The ink comes out from all octopus’s grills besides those who live in the deep open ocean.
  9. The name of the most harmful octopus is Blue-Ringed.

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